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P6 Dict 課外


轟動 to cause a sensation; to create a stir in (a place); commotion
響應 to echo; to answer; to respond to
囂張 arrogant; cocky
瀕臨 on the verge of; close to
勸喻 to persuade; to exhort; to console; to soothe
警惕 to be on the alert; vigilant; alert; on guard; to warn
籠罩 to envelop; to cover
懲罰 penalty; punishment; to punish
嚴峻 severe
囑咐 to tell; to exhort
騷擾 to disturb
鑰匙 key
關鍵 crucial point; crux
瀰漫 to fill the air; about to inundate (water); permeated by (smoke); to saturate
攀登 to climb; to pull oneself up
變本加厲 lit. change to more severe (idiom); to become more intense (esp. of shortcoming)
觸目驚心 lit. shocks the eye, astonishes the heart (idiom); shocking
權威 authority; authoritative
瀕臨絕種的大熊貓是中國的國寶。 The endangered panda is a national treasure of China.
雖然老師已重罰了他,可是他不但沒有改過,反而變本加厲了。 Although he was severely punished, instead of stopping his undesirable behaviors, his behaviors have intensified.
Created by: llcllc
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