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Srta Lynch 21 Aural

Navidad Aural Christmas 2021 Revision (excluding weather)

exposición exhibition
éxito success
los aficionados the fans
las aulas the classrooms
trajes suits
las entradas tickets
aunque although
la docencia teaching
maestro/a primary teacher
meter to put
mejorar to improve
periodismo journalism
emocionado/a excited
la naturaleza nature
las arañas spiders
saber idiomas to be able to speak languages
usuarios users (or usernames)
compartir to share
los mismos gustos the same tastes
tales como such as
la autoestima self esteem
el acoso bullying
el alojamiento accommodation
a mitad de precio half the price
albergues juveniles youth hostels
viajes trips
si te apetece if you feel like
bailarines dancers
una jornada a day
siguen they'll continue
la lista de éxitos the charts
suerte luck
una gira a tour
proponer to suggest
grabación recording
se estrenó it was premiered
cambiar to change
caro/a expensive
gratis free
barato cheap
sin embargo however
ven they see
conocido known
llenar to fill
haber sido to have been
datos information
Created by: Luvlycaroline
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