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MSB GovNFP Unit Four

A transaction in which something of value is transferred by one party to another in exchange for an item of similar value Exchange or Exchange-like Transaction
The net amount of a tax levy required to meet necessary revenue requirements (gross - estimated uncollectible). Gross Tax Levy
The rate at which taxes are determined and paid. Tax Rate
A source of revenue in which the transferor receives no directly perceivable source of value to match their "contribution". Nonexchange Revenue
An imposed transfer of value by the transferor in which they receive no directly perceivable source of value to match their "contribution". Imposed Nonexchange Revenue
Taxes outstanding at year end. Delinquent Taxes
A note by which a governmental entity may secure short term financing due to their taxing power and the revenues contingent upon such. Tax anticipation note
Tax revenues which draw their value from the indirect exchanges they support. Derived Tax Revenues
Exchanges occuring within governmental funds and activities (essentially within the same entity). Internal Exchange Transaction
A means of accounting for resource expenditures by purchases made throughout the accounting period. Works with the modified accrual basis of accounting... Purchases Method
Method of accounting for resources in which expeditures are equal to such utilized within the accounting period. Works with the accrual basis of accounting... Consumption Method
A transaction in which one party grants another something of value without expectation of retribution. Voluntary Nonexchange Transaction
Requirements to which one party are held liable to; stipulations Eligibility Requirement
Stipulated time frame... Time Requirement
Amount borrowed between governmental funds with which there is intent for repayment. Interfund Loans
IE: Operating transfers and residual equity transfers Interfund Transfers
Exchanges or transactions between similar governmental funds or components of a governmental entity. Intra-activity Transaction
Exchanges or transactions between a dissimilar governmental/internal service fund and an enterprise fund. Inter-activity Transaction
A trust enlisted to [help] fund the operations of government programs or the citizenry. Public-purpose Trusts
A trust enlisted to (help) fund the operations of an organization, government, or individual outside of the tax entity holding said trust. Private-purpose Trusts
The fund type in which public-purpose trusts whose principal is stipulated as non expendable must be accounted for in. Permanent Fund
Certain educational, social welfare, and transportation services required and funded by higher levels of government. Government-mandated Nonexchange Transactions
Created by: samantha.lutz