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CH 6 Vocab

math vocab

certain event An event that is certain to occur. the probability of a certain event is always 1. ex: the probability of choosing red in a sack of red marbles is 1.
commision the pay that's equal to a percent of sales. ex: a saleswoman recieved a 5% commision on $120. Her commision was $6.
complement it's the opposite of that event. ex: the event NO RAIN is the complement of RAIN.
cross products products formed from a proportion. ex: 3/4 = 6/8 are 3*8 and 4*6
discount the amount by which a price is decreased. ex: the price of a $10 book is reduced by a discount of $1.50 to sell for $8.50.
event any outcome or group of outcomes. ex: in a game that includes tossing a coin and rolling a number cube, TOSSING HEADS AND ROLLING A 2 is an event.
impossible event An event that has no chance of occurring.The probability of an impossible event is always zero. ex: the chance of picking a red marble in a bag w/ only green and blue marbles is zero.
indirect measurement it's a method of determining length or distance w/o measuring directly ex: 240/540 = x/1192 ~ 529.8ft
markup amount of increase in price. ex: a store buys a coat for $60 and sells it for $100. the markup is $40.
odds a ratio that describe the likehood of an event. ex: for the odds of a coin toss, the odds are in favor of tossing heads 1:1.
outcomes possible results of an action. ex: HEADS is an outcome of a coin toss.
percent a ratio that compares a # to 100. the symbol is %.ex: 50/100 = 50%
percent of change the percent something increases or decreases from its original amount. ex: a school's pop increases from 500 to 520 students. the percent of change is 520-500/500 = 4%
probability THEORETICAL PROBABILITY is when outcomes are equally likely. EXPERIMENTAL PROBABILITY is based on data. ex: theoretical prob. of spinning the # 4 is 1/8 on a spinner of 8 diff. #s.
proportion equality of 2 ratios. ex: 3/12 = 12/ 48
rate a ratio that compares quantities measured in diff. rates. ex: a student typed 1100 words in 50 minutes for a typing rate of 1100 words per minute, or 22/min.
ratio a comparision of 2 quantities by division. ex: 72:100, 72 to 100, or 72/100
scale drawing an enlarged or reduced drawing that is similar to an actual object or place. ex: a map
similiar figures figures w/ corresponding angles that have equal measures and corresponding sides that have proportional lengths. ex: ABC~RTS
unit rate rate that has a denominator of 1 ex: if you drive 165 mi in 3hr, your unit rate of travel is 55mi in 1hr or 55mi/h
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