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Ch 6 vocab

certain event a more likely event
impossible event a less likely event
complement of an event opposite of that event
cross products products formed from a proportion. They are the product of the numerator of the first ratio and the denominato of the second ratio, and the product of the denominatorof the first ratio and the numerator of the second ratio.
commission the amount based on how much you sell at sales job.
discount the amount by which a price is decreased, 10$ book is reduced by a discount of 1.50$ to sell for 8.50$
event any outcome or group of outcomes
outcomes the possible results of an action
indirect measurement the process of using similar figures to compute distances that are difficuclt to measure directly
markup the amount of increase
odds a part over part ratio
percent a ratio that compares a number to 100, 75%
percent of change the percent a quantity increases or decreases from its original amount
probability number of favorable outcomes over number of possible outcomes
proportion an equality of two ratios
rate a ratio that compares quantities in different units
unit rate a rate that has a denominator of 1
ratio comparison of two quantities by division, 2:3
scale drawing an enlarged or reduced drawing that is similar to an actual object or place
similar figures figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
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