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Prime #s to 101

Ducky's Odd Prime Crime

These cards use the memory device of creating a story based on items that the numbers look like. 1= pen, 2= duck, 3= handcuffs or rope, 4= sailboat, 5= hook, 6= canon or gun, 7= lamp or light, 8= snowman, 9= ice cream cone, 11= railroad tracks.
Prime numbers 1 through 11 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 - Ducky (2) was mad because he is the only even prime number and he wants to be odd like all the rest. So, with handcuffs (3) and a hook (5) he attacked a lamp (7) that he came across on the railroad tracks (11).
Prime numbers 12 through 20 13, 17, 19 - During his teenage years, (his writing years, because teen numbers start with one) he wrote about handcuffing (13) the lamp (17) and about his other passion: ice cream (19).
Prime numbers 21 through 30 23, 29 - In his 20s ducky meets a girlfriend duck (because 20 starts with 2 = a duck). She likes him because of his stories about handcuffing (23) the lamp and because he makes good ice cream (29).
Prime numbers 31 through 40 31, 37 - In his 30s Ducky is arrested (because 30 starts with 3 = handcuffs or rope) because police read his writings (31) about the attack on the lamp (37).
Prime numbers 41 through 50 41, 43, 47 - In his 40s Ducky is sent to a prison ship (because 40 starts with 4 = a boat) where he writes (41) once again about handcuffing (43) the lamp (47).
Prime numbers 51 through 60 53, 59 - In his 50s he uses a hook (because 50 starts with 5 = a hook) to break out of his handcuffs (53), jump off his prison ship and hook a ride on an ice cream (59) boat.
Prime numbers 61 through 70 61, 67 - In his 60s, Ducky is now aboard an ice cream boat hiding in one of its canon room (because 60 starts with 6 = a gun). He writes (61) about how he is now sorry about his attack on the lamp (67).
Prime numbers 71 through 80 71, 73, 79 - In his 70s Ducky in now captain of the ice cream boat. The sun (7=lamp or light) is melting the ice cream and waves are spilling it. He has to write (71) a mail order for ropes (73) to fasten down the buckets of ice cream (79).
Prime numbers 81 through 90 83, 89 - In his 80s the ropes (83) finally arrive and he fastens down the buckets of ice cream (89).
Prime numbers 91 through 101 97, 101 - In his 90s the sun (97) melts all the ice cream anyway so with two butter knifes he begins eating the buckets of melted ice cream (101 = the ones are butter knifes and the zero is a bucket of ice cream)
Created by: cxris