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Most Common 101-200

Second 100 of 500 Most Common Words

I don't have ____ money left. any
He was from ____ York. New
Do you ____ hard at your job? work
He had a ____ in the play. part
Give and _____ take
I ____ $10 for my allowance. get
The homeless man had no ______ to go. place
He _____ his bed. made
We ____ in an apartment. live
_____ are we going? Where
Three comes _____ two. after
Front is the opposite of ______. back
The _____ girl was only was not big enough to go on the ride. little
This is your _____ choice. There are no others. only
A circle is ______. round
Another word for male is _____. man
The _____ is 2010. year
She _____ here yesterday. came
____ and tell show
You should go to school ______ day. every
An A is a _____ grade. good
You and ____ = we me
It's mine! ____ it back! Give
The car belongs to us. It's ____ car. our
the dog dug a hole _____ the fence. under
My ____ is John. name
The test was ____ difficult. very
He walked ______ the door. through
He got there _____ in time. just
Fill out the ______. form
How _____ time do you have? much
He loved the idea. He said it was a ____ idea. great
I ____ I can do it, but I don't know for sure. think
What did she ___? I couldn't hear. say
The boat was sinking so they called for ____. help
A mountain is high. A valley is ____. low
Sign on the dotted ______. line
Did you see her _____ class or after class? before
You can ____ in your papers now. turn
_____ and effect cause
Both girls wore the ____ sweater. same
Are you nice or _____? mean
We _____ in our opinions. I like red, but you like blue. differ
You need to ____ to the side. move
The opposite of left is ______. right
____ babies often wear blue. boy
He is nine years ____. old
___ means also too
What ____ he do for a job? does
___ me a story. tell
A ____ needs a noun and a verb. sentence
Ready, ____, go! set
One, two, ____ three
I like that and I ____ to buy it. want
When ___ moves it's called wind. air
I like my steak ____ done. well
____ means the same as too. also
The kids ____ at recess. play
The shirt came in ____, medium or large. small
I read the whole book from beginning to _____. end
____ your clothes away. Put
Where you live is call your _____. home
_____ a book. Read
Raise your ____ to answer a question. hand
We caught the plane at the air____ port
small, medium, _____ large
The witch cast a ____. spell
Can you ____ and subtract? add
One is an odd number. Two is ___. even
The plane will _____ on the runway. land
Wherever you are now is called _____. here
His mom said, "You ____ be home by midnight." must
The opposite of little is ____. big
Ms. Loman has ____ expectations for her students. high
There are many colors ____ as red, green, blue such
They played ____ the leader. follow
He wanted to ____ in the school play act
____ are you sad? Why
Can I ____ you a question? ask
Boys grow up to be ____. men
Do you have ____ for a dollar? change
Where did he go? He _____ home. went
Turn the ____ on so I can see. light
Being nice means being ____. kind
Turn ____ the T.V. after the show. off
Do you ____ help? need
Do you live in a _____ or an apartment? house
I took a _____ with my camera. picture
If at first you don't succeed ________ again. try
We invited them to hang out with ___. us
I did it wrong so my teacher made me do it _____. again
My favorite ____________ is a tiger. animal
Please _______ to the correct answer. point
You should listen to your ________ and father. mother
He has travelled to places all over the _______. world
The opposite of far is _______. near
The carpenters planned to _________ a house. build
_____-esteem has to do with feeling good as a person. self
________ is the planet we live on. earth
He loved his ________ and mother. father
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