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Turkish house nouns

Items in a house

Ev house
Saat clock
Çalar saat alarm clock
oda room
sandalye chair
masa table
lamba lamp
kapi door
Yer place
Sey thing
Telefon phone
Radio radio
Gömlek shirt
Televızyon tv
Valız suitcase
Resım picture
Şemsıye umbrella
Ayakkabi shoe
Araba car
Bisiklet bike
Çeket jacket
Kazak sweater
Gözluk glasses
Para money
Anahtar key
Çakmak lighter
Sabun soap
Igne needle
Zarf envelope
Çerçeve frame
Musluk faucet
Mutfak kitchen
Daire apartment
Şarkı song
Haber news
Hediye gift
Top ball
mutfak kitchen
pencereler windows
yatak odasi bedroom
yemek odasi dining room
oturma odasi living room
banya bathroom
merdiven stairs
asansor elevator
duvar wall
cati roof
somine fireplace
kitaplik bookcase
koltuk armchair
koltuk-kanepe sofa
dus shower
cop kutusu trash can
kuvet bath tub
priz plug
ayna mirror
resım picture
pul postage stamp
Created by: kisaiya
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