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Econ Chapter 1

Economics Chapter 1 study cards

Is a television a need or a want Want
What best describes wants unlimited and ever changing
A person who makes goods or provides services is called a producer
A supermarket running out of bananas is an example of a shortage
The United States decides what goods to produce by letting the producers and consumers decide
A country that does not possess oil is unlikely to produce gasoline
A society with a large unskilled labor force will most likely practice labor-intensive farming methods
Into what four categories do economist divide factors of production? land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship
To be a successful entrepreneur requires a willingness to take risks
Which term means "making decisions based on what you believe is the best combination of costs and benefits?" economizing
What does the saying "There is no such thing as a free lunch" mean? everything costs something
Being guided by self-interest when making a decision means that you attempt to maximize utility
An example of a trade-off is giving up going to a movie to spend time shopping
The satisfaction received from using one more unit of a good or service is called marginal benefit.
The benefits and costs of a choice is shown by using a decision-making grid.
Deciding to go to a ballgame rather than do your homework is an example of a(n) trade-off
What is another named for the production possibilities curve? production possibilities frontier
What does a point inside the curve of a PPC indicate? not all resources are fully employed
Using a PPC can help to increase a company's efficiency
Harvesting less corn than the land is capable of producing is an example of underutilization
Opportunity costs would be increased by switching from producing one product to another
The addition of new resources often enables a nation to produce more goods and services
A graphic organizer that is especially useful for showing changes over time is a line graph.
A pie graph would be best type of graph to show a comparison of Internet use in various regions of the world
Data on DVD sales for three different years can best be compared by using a bar graph
A line graph that shows rising and falling profits over several years would have a(n) varied slope
hich of the following would macroeconomics study? a general rise in prices
Which of the following explains economics as it is, not as it should be? positive economics
A normative economist might conclude that a lottery is a bad policy because it burdens the poor
A economist who studies only the rise in price of tea would be labeled a microeconomist
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