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Listening assessment

Llevarse bien/ mal con... To get on well/ badly with...
Me llevo bien / mal con... I get on well/ badly with...
Mayor Older
Menor Younger
Mejor Better
Pasar tiempo To spend time
Dormitorio Bedroom
Compartir To share
Propio/a Own
Hablar To talk
Hablador(a) Talkative
Mandar To send
Correos electrónicos E-mails
Charlar To chat
Chatear To chat (online)
Calle Street
Cerrar To close
Un centro commercial A shopping centre
Semana Week
Mes Month
Fin de semana Week end
Aparcar To park
Aparcamiento Parking
Dolor Pain
Pie Foot
Oreja Ear
Dormir To sleep
Beber agua To drink water
Buscar To look for
Suspender To fail
Sacar buenas/ malas notas To get good/ bad grades
Preocuparse To be worried about
Enfadado Angry
Viajar To travel
Viaje Journey
Media pensión Half board
Todo incluido All inclusive
Gente People
Idioma Language
Probar To try
Lugar Place
Una entrada An entry ticket
Precio Price
Concurso Competition
Arrestar To arrest
Advertir To warn/ caution
Comportamiento Behaviour
Violento Violent
Basura Rubbish
Created by: WelshPolyglot
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