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Srta Lynch Tenses

Correctly identify Spanish Verb Tenses Regular indicatives - LEVEL 1!

hablar to speak
hablo I speak
hablas you speak
habla he/she speaks
hablamos (pres) we speak
habláis ye speak
hablan they speak
hablé I spoke
hablaste you spoke
habló he/she spoke
hablamos (past) we spoke
hablasteis ye spoke
hablaron they spoke
hablaré I will speak
hablarás you will speak
hablará he/she will speak
hablaramos we will speak
hablaráis ye will speak
hablarán they will speak
hablaba I was speaking
hablabas you were speaking
hablaba he/she was speaking
hablábamos we were speaking
hablabais ye were speaking
hablaban they were speaking
hablaría I would speak
hablarías you would speak
hablaría he/she would speak
hablaríamos we would speak
hablaríais ye would speak
hablarían they would speak
estoy hablando I'm speaking
estás hablando You're speaking
está hablando he/she's speaking
estamos hablando we're speaking
estáis hablando You're speaking
están hablando they're speaking
he hablado I have spoken
has hablado you have spoken
ha hablado he/she has spoken
hemos hablado we have spoken
habéis hablado ye have spoken
han hablado they have spoken
comer to eat
como I eat
comes you eat
come he/she eats
comemos we eat
coméis ye eat
comen they eat
comí I ate
comiste you ate
comió he/she ate
comimos we ate
comisteis ye ate
comieron they ate
comía I used to eat
comías you used to eat
comía he/she used to eat
comíamos we used to eat
comíais ye used to eat
comían they used to eat
comería I would eat
comerías you would eat
comería he/she would eat
comeríamos we would eat
comeríais ye would eat
comerían they would eat
comeré I will eat
comerás you will eat
comerá he/she will eat
comeremos we will eat
comeréis ye will eat
comerán they will eat
estoy comiendo I'm eating
estás comiendo you're eating
está comiendo he/she's eating
estamos comiendo we're eating
estáis comiendo ye're eating
están comiendo they're eating
he comido I've eaten
has comido you've eaten
ha comido he/she has eaten
hemos comido we have eaten
habéis comido ye have eaten
han comido they have eaten
vivir to live
vivo I live
vives you live
vive he/she lives
vivimos (present) we live
vivís ye live
viven they live
viví I lived
viviste you lived
vivió he/she lived
vivimos (past) we lived
vivisteis ye lived
vivieron they lived
vivía I used to live
vivías you used to live
vivía he/she used to live
vivíamos we used to live
vivíais ye used to live
vivían they used to live
viviría I would live
vivirías you would live
viviría he/she would live
viviríamos we would live
viviríais ye would live
vivirían they would live
viviré I will live
vivirás you will live
vivirá he/she will live
viviremos we will live
viviréis ye will live
vivirán they will live
estoy viviendo I am living
estás viviendo you are living
está viviendo he/she is living
estamos viviendo we are living
estáis viviendo ye are living
están viviendo they are living
he vivido I have lived
has vivido you have lived
ha vivido he/she has lived
hemos vivido we have lived
habéis vivido ye have lived
han vivido they have lived
había hablado I had spoken
habías hablado you had spoken
había hablado (s)he had spoken
habíamos hablado we had spoken
habíais hablado ye had spoken
habían hablado they had spoken
había comido I had eaten
habías comido you had eaten
había comido (s)he had eaten
habíamos comido we had eaten
habíais comido ye had eaten
habían comido they had eaten
había vivido I had lived
habías vivido you had lived
había vivido (s)he had lived
habíamos vivido we had lived
habíais vivido ye had lived
habían vivido they had lived
Created by: Luvlycaroline
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