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Personal qualities Qs

What are some characteristics of your personality?
What makes you happy? What are some things that make you angry?
Are you happy with your personality? Would you like to be different?
Are you shy? In which situations do you feel shiest? Would you like to be less shy?
Do you consider yourself selfish ? Why?
In what way has your personality changed? Why has it changed?
Do you think you can change a major characteristic of your personality if you try?
If you could change any aspect of your personality, what would it be?
What personality traits do you consider important in a good friend / a boss / a partner?
Do you consider yourself to be even-tempered or moody?
What is one thing that many people don't know about you?
Do you think birth order (oldest, youngest or middle) makes a difference in your personality? Are only children spoilt?
Who knows you better? Your family or your friends?
Do you think that personal qualities change during life?
Do you think that education is an important factor in forming human’s character?
Are you mean or generous? Do you know anyone who is really mean? Who is the most generous person you know?
What is your best friend like? What do you most admire about him/her? Is there anything you don't like about his/her personality?
What are your parents like? Who do you take after in personality?
Have you ever done anything that made your parents really angry?
Do you remember a situation when your parents were really proud of you?
What should an ideal teacher be like? What about an ideal student?
Who is your best friend and why? What do you like most about him/her?
What are your plans for next year? Would you like to study at university?
Created by: evik