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Most Common 1-100

First 100 of 500 most common English words

___ book is good. The
He drank __ glass of juice. a
Go ___ the store. to
He ___ she are friends. and
Take ___ number and wait. a
Look __ your room. in
It __ time to go. is
What time is ___? it
___ are a good friend. You
___ is not true. That
___ really likes her. He
____ was her problem? What
He ran ___ an hour. for
She was __ TV today. on
Where __ you going? are
She went to the movie ___ him. with
She can run fast __ a cheetah. as
__ put on my jacket. I
He read ___ book and she read her book. his
___ both got detention for being late. they
To be or not to ___ be
He is mad ___ me. at
___, two, three one
He has no money. I ___ a lot of money. have
I like ___ one, but not that one. this
He got a letter ____ his mother. from
You can have this __ that, but not both. or
I ___ a bike, but then it was stolen. had
His name is Michael, but he goes ___ Mike. by
The opposite of cold is ___. hot
You can do this, ___ not that. but
This is more than a few, but less than many. __ some
___ is your name? What
I went ___ yesterday. there
__ like our own project the best. We
"I know I ___ be what I want to be." Nas can
He went ___ the door. out
He tried one. Then he tried the ___ one. other
We ___ there yesterday, but we're here today. were
He took ___ the money and left us with nothing. all
Keep ___ eyes on ___ own paper. your
You can leave ___ the bell rings. when
What goes __ must come down. up
You can ___ your notes on the test. use
Be quiet! Don't say another ___! word
___ long have you lived here? How
"Hi" she ___. said
__ apple a day keeps the doctor away. An
___ person got $5. Each
__ is a girl. She
___ way should we go? Which
The bride said, "I __." do
They parked ___ car in the lot. their
Work quickly so you don't run out of ___. time
I would __ I could. if
Where there's a ___ there's a way! will
Which ___ did he go? way
The story was ___ a young girl and her dog. about
How ____ books do you have? many
Until ___ you should keep working. then
We played a game against ___. them
____ you like to go to college? Then study! Would
___ your name here. Write
He ate ___ a pig! like
He yelled ___ much that he lost his voice! so
___ shoes cost more than those shoes. These
That's ___ book, not his book. her
Is her hair ___ or short? long
I like to ___ money. make
One ____ I love to do is swim. thing
I can hear you, but I can't ___ you. see
He's confused. Can you help ___? him
one, ___, three two
I have a dog. She ___ a cat. has
___ both ways before you cross the street. Look
Three is ___ than two. more
There are 24 hours in a ___. day
I ___ help him if I wanted. could
A green light means __. go
Can you ___ over to my house? come
Do you think he ___ it? did
That's ___ hat, not yours! my
I couldn't hear a ____. sound
__! You can't do that. No
I have more than him, but she has the ___. most
Three is a magic ____. number
I know ___ you are. who
The runner jumped ___ the hurdle. over
Do you ___ the answer? know
You need ___ to live. water
Six is less ___ seven. than
You can ___ me on my phone. call
___, second, third first
There are billions of ___ in the world. people
You ___ go to the bathroom in 10 minutes. may
She slid ___ the slide down
I took her ___ in the argument. side
It has ___ a long time since I saw him. been
___ or later Now
I can't ___ my keys. find
Created by: mloman