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Ryan MVP English

What type of sentence is: "Eat your dinner and do your homework." Compound sentence example
What type of sentence is: "The person who lives in the house across the street painted his house." Complex sentence example
A subject and predicate which cannot stand alone as a sentence is called what? Dependent clause
A sentence that stands alone with a subject and a predicate is called what? Independent clause
What type of sentence is: "I created a problem when my books were dropped on the stairs." Complex sentence example
"Although the computer was broken" is an example of what? An example of a subordinate or dependent clause
An independent clause and a dependent clause make what type of sentence? Complex sentence
Two independent clauses joined by a coordinate conjunction is called what? Compound sentence
Whate type of sentence is: "Mark said he forgot his homework, and he asked if he could make it up later." Compound-complex because there is an understood "that" in front of "he forgot his homework" which makes that part of the sentence into a subordinate clause, and two independent clauses + one subordinate clause = compound-complex
What type of sentence is: "Although he was very intelligent, Mario could not figure out how to solve the Rubik's Cube." Complex because the first clause is subordinate, whereas the rest of the sentence is independent.
What type of sentence is: "My favorite sport to watch in the fall is football, so I clear my schedule every Sunday to watch the Browns." Compound because there are two independent clauses.
What type of sentence is: "The circus, with its crazy clowns and brave lion tamers, is in town this week." Simple because there is only one subject-verb pair - don't let its length fool you.
What type of sentence is: "Joan said she loves shopping, but she doesn't have enough money to do it as often as she would like." Compound-complex because "that" is understood after "said" which makes two independent clauses and two dependent or subordinate clauses.
What type of sentence is: "When he saw the price of the car, he started laughing and walked away." Complex because there is one independent clause and one dependent or subordinate clause.
What type of sentence is: "In the middle of the night, a loud noise from my neighbor's house woke me up." Simple - the first part of the sentence is a series of prepositional phrases...don't be tricked into thinking it is a subordinate clause...there's no verb.
What type of sentence is: "The Cleveland Indians, who have rebuilt themselves in the off season, have lost their home opener this year." Complex - Don't forget about the subordinate clause "who have rebuilt . . . " modifying the subject of the independent clause "Cleveland Indians." Subordinate + Independent = Complex.
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