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Mis primeros versos

Vocabulario del cuento de Rubén Darío

humanidades humanities (liberal arts)
inaudito unheard of; extraordinary
cacumen intelligence
catar to observe
a puño cerrado literally: a clenched fist; obstinately, firmly
ponerse a veinticinco alfileres dress in the finest clothes
colmo limit; highest point
fatídico ominous; prophetic
amostazado angry; annoyed
el/la infame infamous person; hateful person
tragarse la pildora "grin and bear it"; accept without protest
pésimo the absolute worst
emplumar to tar and feather
energúmeno crazy person; raging lunatic
sultorum plena sunt omnia Latin expression: fools are everywhere
quidam Latin expression: someone without value
alabanza praise
amargura bitterness
carecer to lack
contenerse to contain
desdoblar unfold
encerrarse to shut oneself up in
entablar to enter into; initiate
escaso scarce
estrofa verse; stanza
exigir to demand
experimentar to experience
interrogar to interrogate
necedad foolishness
el pisotón the stomp
precursor precursor
reclamación the complaint
redactor(a) editor
rengloncito short verse
Created by: sloefflerbell
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