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Chemistry Mid-Term


T/F A Christian chemist who believes the Bible would exhibit bias in his work. True
T/F Experiments are ex post facto methods of determining data False, Survey
T/F Applied science probes nature simply to learn new things about the universe we live in. False, Pure
T/F The Greeks desired knowledge rather than practical skill. True
T/F Everything in the material universe is composed of chemicals. True
T/F Alchemists were known for their experimentation True
T/F The logical thinking demanded by a course in chemistry helps Christians to further develop the ability to think critically. True
What is the first step in the Scientific Method? State the problem
_______ is the characteristic of scientific information that makes it useful or valuable in applying to other situations. Workability
Early pharmacists prepared and sold a wide variety of chemicals and herbs were called what? Apothecaries
What were the four elements the Greeks thought the universe was made of? Earth, fire, water, air
Define matter. Anything that has mass and takes up space.
When a scientists explores nature simply to learn more about the world in which we live, he or she is performing _______ science. Pure
Alchemists were known for trying to convert ordinary metals into what? Gold
Chemistry is the study of chemicals; that is, the study of alll ________ and the changes it undergoes. Matter
Science is the total collection of knowledge gained through the systematic _________ of nature. Observation
Who is the first Bible character associated with metallurgy? Tubal-Cain
Which of the following is a type of qualitative data? A. Mass B. Length C. Temperature D. Color D. Color
Scientific models may be expressed as A. Physical representations B. Mathematical formulas C. Pictures D. All of these D. All of these
The mass of a crystal as measured on a balance would be an example of __________ data. Quantitative
What culture is most identified with apothercaries? Egyptians
The proper Christian view of the world is that it is what? Fallen
Reasoning: All matter is composed of earth, air, fire, or water. Gold is matter; therefore, it must be a combination of two or more of these substances. Faulty reasoning
Reasoning: Since Labor Day is always on Monday, and Tuesday is the day after Monday, the day after Labor Day is always a Tuesday. Deductive reasoning
Reasoning: Cathy is the mother of Andy and the sister of Greg; therefore, Greg is Andy's uncle. Deductive reasoning
Reasoning: A course in chemistry can benefit you even if you do not foresee a career in chemistry. Neither form of reasoning
Reasoning: In the year 2000, there were an estimated 18 million chemical coompounds with another estimated 1 million being added each year; therefore, in the year 2020, there will be 38 million chemical compounds. Inductive reasoning
Who proposed that substances gain something from the atmosphere when they burn? Antoine Lavoisier
Who accidentally synthesized urea from two organic compounds, leading to the rise of organic chemistry? Friedrich Wohler
Who proposed the term atom and believed it to be the basic building block of all matter? Democritus
Who was the first professor of chemistry in the US? Benjamin Rush
Who first proposed that elements are substances that cannot be chemically decomposed into simpler substances? Robert Boyle
Who were the first people to introduce an organized approach to chemistry? Greeks
Who discovered the element oxygen? Priestley
What is the most important contribution made to modern chemistry by alchemists? Experimental approach
What is a scientific hypothesis? A simple, testable statement of prediction based on avaliable information.
To determine the level of soil pollution in a state, a scientist would most likely use? Survey
When a hypothesis makes as few assumptions and is as simple as possible, what principle of logic has been followed? Ockham's Razor
Which of the following is not a type of qualitative data? A. Mass B. Texture C. Color D. Hardness A. Mass
Which of the following statements about theories is incorrect? A. They can be thought of as scientific models B. They are above questions and should be accepted as stated C. They suggest new areas of reasearch D. They help explain a body of data B. They are above question and should be accepted as stated.
T/F In science, the term heat is a synonym for the term temperature. False
T/F Matter can neither be created nor destoryed, only converted from one form into another. True
T/F To a chemist, CS and Cs mean the same thing. False
T/F The melting of ice is an example of a physical change. True
T/F The third law of thermodynamics states that the total amount of mass and energy in the universe has remained constant since the universe was formed. False, First law of thermodynamics
T/F Reactions that absorb energy are called exothermic. False, Endothermic
T/F Sublimation is an example of a substance undergoing a chemical change. False, Physical
T/F Kelvin scale temperatures can never have negative values. True
T/F Temperature measures the total kinetic energy in a sample. False, Thermal energy
T/F The second character (letter) in an element's symbol is always lowercase. True
What is the theoretical temperature at which all molecular and atomic movement ceases? Absolute zero
What theory states that all matter is made of submicroscopic particles in constant motion and that their motion in increased by the addition of energy? Kinetic molecular theory
In the formular MG(OH)2, the number 2 is called a what? Subscript
What is described as anything that takes up space and has mass? Matter
What is the state of matter that can exist at temperatures very near absolute zero? Bose einstein condensate
How many atoms of each element are present in 2Al2(SO4)3? 4 Al, 6 S, and 24 O
What does ex nihilo mean? Created out of nothing
The amount of matter packed into a given volume. Densitiy
If the bathroom mirror gets "fogged up" while you are in the shower, what has occurred? Condensation
The disappearance of dry ice left out in a dish is an example of what? Sublimation
Which state of matter exists in a lit neon sign? Plasma
Which state of matter displays the greatest amount of kinetic energy? Plasma
What two temperature scales are most commonly used in chemistry? Celsius and Kelvin
What unit is used to measure both energy and work? Joule
All matter can be divided into two categories, pure substances and what? Mixtures
Which of these is a chemical property? A. Poor conductor B. Malleable C. Sinks in water D. Reacts violently with water D. Reacts violently with water
Which of these is not a chemical property? A. Explosive B. Flammable C. Colorless D. Gives off heat when burned C. Colorless
Which of these is a physical property? A. Magnetic B. Reacts violently with water C. Explosive D. Will corrode exposed to acid A. Magnetic
Which of these is not a physical property? A. Poor conductor B. Colorless C. Flammable D. Freezes at 2115 degrees Celcius C. Flammable
Phosphorus (P4) is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Polyatomic element
Pure water is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Compound
A chocolate bar with nuts is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Heterogeneous mixture
Sweetened tea is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Homogeneous mixture
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Compound
Oxygen (O2) is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Diatomic element
Iron (Fe) is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Monatomic element
Ozone (O3) is what kind of element (polyatomic, diatomic, monatomic) compound or mixture (heterogeneous or homogeneous)? Polyatomic element
Which of the following is not one of the six common forms of energy? A. Mechanical B. Laser C. Nuclear D. Chemical B. Laser
Elements have been named for which of the following? A. Places B. Colors C. Heavenly bodies D. All of these D. All of these
In the chemical formula 10AL(C2H3O2)3, the numeral 10 is a what? Coefficient
Which of the following is not a characteristic of solids? A. Fixed volume B. Rigidly held particles C. Ease of compressibility D. Low kinetic energy C. Ease of compressibility
The freezing point of N is -210 degrees Celcius. What would the temperature be in Kelvins? 63 Kelvins
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