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Blair's Test

"DMS" Outsiders Test C

reckless without care, or done in a a haphazard manner, thoughtless, or careless Dally was ____ as he drove Ponyboy to the hospital too fast.
sensitive easily affected or hurt, responsive or receptive, sometimes thin skinned Johnny was a character that was incredibly ____ and other characters tried to protect him because he seemed scared or easily hurt.
sympathetic show feeling toward another in an emotional way, empathy Sodapop was ____ to how Ponyboy felt towards Darry because Soda would stick up for Ponyboy at times.
irresistibly too great to be withstood, overwhelmingly Cherry was ____ attracted to Dally even though he was a tough Greaser.
acquired to gain or get, to obtain something Dally ____ a gun and then acted as though he was going to shoot the police.
unfathomable not believable or measurable Dally's love for Johnny was so ____ that he didn't even know how much he cared for Johnny himself, until Johnny died.
rarities not common or unusual Moments of peace, safety and calm for the Greasers were ____.
gingerly with great care, cautiously or delicately The nurses ____ cared for Johnny while he was in the hospital.
roguishly naughty, full of playful tricks Dally ____ teased the girls at the movie theater.
incredulous can't be figured out and impossible to understand It was ____ that the boys entered a burning church to rescue the children.
nonchalantly without enthusiasm, cool, unconcerned While Ponyboy was ____ walking home from the movies, he was suddenly jumped by the Socs.
stalked walk, track, trail, or shadow It seemed as if the Socs constantly ____ the Greasers just to cause them trouble.
incidentally by the way, or happening by accident When Johnny and Ponyboy were in the park, the Socs _____ came by and a murder occurred.
sarcastically remark in a cutting way or sardonic Dally ______remarked about Cherry's red hair.
clammy damp or wet Ponyboy's hands were wet and ____ as he waited nervously for the rumble to begin.
Created by: tubbsdk