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ATS-English 8

'bene; bon; ject; jet; phil' root words

Benediction good words, blessing
Benefactor one who gives good things
Beneficiary one who receives good things
Benevolent good-doing, kind
Benign gentle, good, harmless
Bona fide in good faith, genuine
Bonanza good, rich ore deposit;anything yielding abundance
Bon vivant lover of good living; especially food
Bonus extra reward for goodness
Bounteous good and plentiful
Dejection a feeling of being thrown down in spirit
Eject to throw out
Injection throwing medicine into flesh with a needle
Interjection word thrown into a sentence
Jettison to throw goods overboard to lighten
Projectile an object thrown into the air with force
Projection long range plan thrown out for discussion and analysis
Reject an object thrown out because it is defective
Subject to throw under another's power
Trajectory curved path of an object thrown into space
Philanthropist lover of mankind
Bibliophile lover of books
Philatelist lover of stamps
Philodendron plant that loves to climb trees
Philter a love charm
Philosophy lover of wisdom
Philharmonic loving music
Philoprogenitive loving one's children
Philander to flirt, to love lightly
Necrophile lover of the dead
Created by: glink
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