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Housework / Household Chores

ordered a takeaway Mum was busy yesterday. She didn’t have time to prepare dinner, so she _____________.
change the sheets Little Marcus ate and drank on the bed. He made the bed sheets dirty. Mum needs to _____________.
cook a meal Lily is independent. She could _______________ when she was eight. The food she cooked is delicious.
hang the washing The weather is good today. The sun is shining brightly. It is better to ___________________ out.
do the grocery shopping Mum and Dad go to the supermarket every Sunday to _____________________________.
dust the furniture Jane has travelled some countries for half a year. No one lives in her house. When she came home, the furniture is dusty. She needs to _____________________ .
set the table Julia is a helpful girl. She always helps Mum ________________ before every meal.
take the rubbish out James hates to _____________________, because the bins are far away from his home .
walks the dog Mandy is an animal lover. She keeps a dog. She often ________________ in the park at night.
tidy up the bedroom Cyrus is a lazy and untidy boy. His bedroom is messy. His mother always reminds him to _________________________ .
waters the plants Mr. Brown is a hardworking gardener. He takes good care of the plants. He ____________________ every day.
put the toys away It is time for lunch, but my brother is still playing with his toys. Dad asks him to _____________________ .
iron the clothes My brother’s shirts are wrinkled. He wants to _________________ before he goes to work.
vacuums the rug Erica ___________________ almost every day. She likes her house to be clean and tidy.
Created by: alwy2
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