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wordly wise 12

accede to agree to; to consent to. often after urging from another.
affulent generously supplied with money or possesions; wealthy
affluence wealth
abritary determined by chance or whim rather then by reason or necessity
artisan one able to do skilled work with the hands; craftsperson
dismantle to take apart
immerse to cover with liquid
immerse 2 to completely engage the attention of
irksome Annoying; tedious
legacy money or property left to another in a will
legacy 2 something passed on to those who come after
ostentatious` extravagantly showy or ornate
panorama a complete view of a surrounding area
panorama 2 a thorough presentation of a subject
philanthropy the attempt to improve the well-being of those in need by donating money or aid.
philanthropist one who makes substantial contributions to those in need
prestige High standing, respect earned by accomplishments
prolific abundantly productive
reticent inclined to keep one's thoughts and feelings to them selfs; quiet and reserved
tycoon a wealthy and powerful businessperson.
Created by: ckrouse1
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