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Turkish Verb


fiil (fiiler) verb (verbs)
affetmek to forgive
almak to take or to buy
anlamak to understand
anlatmak to tell or to explain
aramak to search
atlamak to jump
atmak to throw
bakmak look at
beklemek to wait for
bildirmek to tell
bilmek to know
boyamak to paint
bulmak to find
Açıtmak to hurt
Açmak to open
Ağrımak to ache
Alışmak to get used to
Ayrılmak to leave
Başlamak to begin
Bıkmek to tire of
Buluşmak to meet
Çalışmak to work
Çalmak to sound or to ring
Çekmek tp pull
Çızmek to draw
Cözmek to solve
Denemek to try
Dılemek to want or to wish
Dinlemek to listen
Dinlenmek to rest
Dökmek to spill
Doymak to be satisfied
Düsünmek to think
Eğlenmek to enjoy
Ermek to achieve
Etmek to do
Fırlatmak to throw
Gelmek to come
Girmek to enter
Gitmek to go
Giyinmek to put on
Göndermek to send
Görmek to see
Gülmek to smile or laugh
Hissetmek to feel
Içmek to drink
Inanmak to trust
Istemek to want
Itmek to push
Kalkmak to stand
Kalmak to stay
Kapatmak to close
Karışmak to confuse
Kavga etmek to fight
Kaybetmek to lose
Kırmak to break
Kazanmak to win
Kızmak to anger
Koklamak to smell
Konuşmak to speak
Kesmek to cut
Koşmak to run
Kullanmak to use or to drive
Niyet etmek to intend
Ödemek to pay
Ögrenmek to learn
Ögretmek to teach
Olmak to be
Öpmek to kiss
Okumak to read
Oturmak to sit
Oynamak to play
Paylaşmak to share
Pisirmek to cook
Sanmak to think
Sevmek to live or to love
Silmek to clean
Sormak to ask
Söylemek to say
Susmak to be quiet
Tanişmak to meet
Temizlemek to clean
Tırmanmak to climb
Tutmak to hold
Uçmak to fly
Ummak to hope
Uyanmak to wake
Uyumak to sleep
Varmak to arrive
Vermek to give
Vurmak to hit
Yakalamak to catch
Yapmak to make or do
Yaşamak to live
Yatmak to go to bed
Yazmak to write
Yemek to eat
Yıkamak to wash
Yürümek to walk
Yüzmek to swim
Ziyaret etmek to visit
Created by: kisaiya
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