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Lab Safety

Lab safety and procedures

Lab safety questionsLab safety answers
When you read the label on a chemical container,what are the 3 most important pieces of Info.? Concentration,hazard warning, the name
How many times should you read the label? re-read more than once
When you need to carry chemicals from one place to another in the lab, what size container is the safest to use? small, so controlled
What do you do with the glass coin stopper when using a reagent bottle? put in between fingers
How do you smell something correctly? waft the vapors and keep away from face. do not smell directly
What do you do with leftover chemicals after an experiment? dispose in a correct container
Why is it a poor lab practice to put excess reagent back in the stock bottle? might be contamenated
Where is the hottest part of the burner flame? the tip of inner cone
what do you do in the case of a broken thermometer? Cleaned up and dispose of it. Let the teacher clean it up
How hot do most burners get? 600 degrees C
Why is it potenitally dangerous to wear loose clothing in the lab? could knock over something and could drag through chemicals
At all times in the lab, how do you protect your eyes? Goggles
Why is it potenitally dangerous to wear polyester or synthetic blends in the lab? can easily catch on fire, melt and stick to skin
What should you do with your hair in the lab? tie it back
What is the safest way to read a burette that is above your eye level? lower it down or stand on a step stool
How do you extinguish a small fire in a container? cover fire, and water
What should you do if you have a larger fire? Fire extinguisher or get teacher
How do you put out a clothing fire? a fire blanket, safety shower, stop,drop,&roll
Created by: kristy2006