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el apellido last name
el(la) bebé baby, infant
el(la) bisabuelo(a) great
el(la) biznieto(a) great
el(la) cuñado brother
el(la) esposo(a) husband (wife), spouse
la madrina godmother
el matrimonio marriage, married couple
el(la) nieto(a) grandson(granddaughter)
el(la) novio(a) boyfriend (girlfriend), fiancé
la nuera daughter
el padrino godfather
el pariente relative
el(la) sobrino(a) nephew (niece)
el(la) suegro(a) father
el yerno son
la arena sand
la brisa breeze
el calor agobiante stifling heat
el caracol shell
hacer fresco to be cool (weather)
la orilla shore
el puerto port
la sombrilla parasol
ver el amanecer to watch the sunrise
ver la puesta del sol to watch the sunset
el carro car
la casa rodante RV
conducir to drive
la cubierta deck (of boat)
la escapada getaway
hacer un crucero to go on a cruise
la canoa canoe
el chaleco salvavidas life jacket
la moto acuática personal watercraft
el(la) surfista surfer
la tabla de surf surfboard
el velero sailboat
el voleibol playero beach volleyball
en absoluto not at all
juntarse to get together with
mantener (el equilibrio) to keep (one's balance)
marearse to get seasick, to become dizzy
merendar to have a snack
pararse to stand up
parecerse a (alguien) to look like (someone)
recoger to pick up
recostarse to lie down
refrescarse to cool down
refugiarse to take refuge from
reunirse to get together, to meet
Created by: mgorgas
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