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make good 성공하다, 실행하다 They hope that he will make good there.
pay attention to ~에 주의하다 Pay attention to what your teacher says.
be responsible for ~에 대하여 책임이 있다 You must be responsible for what you have done.
prefer A to B B를 더 좋아하다 He prefers red death to surrender.
for the time (being) 당분간 for the present This will be enough for the present.
share A with B A와 B를 공유하다, 나누다 We share joy and sorrow with each other.
keep on~ing 계속하다(=continue) Don't give up hope, Keep on trying.
settle down 자리잡다, 안정되다 He settled down in a little cottage.
date from ~에서 시작되다 This custom dates from before the war.
feel like~ing ~을 하고 싶다 (=be inclined to) I don't feel like staying indoors on such a beautiful day.
run into 충돌하다, 우연히 만나다 I ran into my old friend Tom the other day.
manage to+R 가까스로~하다, I managed to keep out of debt.
call for 요구하다(=require) The letter calls for an early answer.
and so on ~등등(=and so forth) He asked me my name, my age, and so on.
that is (to say) 즉, 다시 말하면(=namely) He came home three hours later, that is to say about eleven o'clock.
be willing to+R 기꺼이~하다 He is willing to act the part of guide.
be grateful to ~에 감사하다 He is grateful to me for what I had done.
make up 구성하다;  화해하다 A century is made up of 100 years.
for sure 확실히(=for certain) I don't know for sure the name of the man.
make out ~을 이해하다 I cannot make out what you want to say.
owe A to B A는 B의 덕택이다 We owe a great deal to our parents.
out of sight 눈에서 멀어지면 They are now out of sight.
owing to, due to ~때문에 Owing to careless driving, he had an accident.
in behalf of ~을 위하여 He fought in behalf of justice.
on behalf of ~대신하여, 대표하여 He thanked them on behalf of her.
out of the question 전혀 불가능한 That is out of the question.
suffer from 고통을 겪다, 병에 걸리다 She is suffering  from a fever.
lose one's temper (버럭) 화를 내다 She entirely lost her temper with me.
at the mercy of ~의 처분대로, 좌우되는 We must not be at the mercy of our emotion.
upside down 거꾸로 He turns everything upside down.
in pursuit of ~을 추구하여 We spent the whole day in pursuit of game.
make oneself at home 편안히 하다 Welcome to my home. Make yourself at home.
make oneself understood 이해시키다 I could make myself understood in English.
plenty of 많은(=lots of) I have plenty of friends to play with.
on the ground that ~라는 이유로 He resigned on the ground of illness.
on the condition that ~라는 조건으로, ~라면 I will consent to it on the condition that you bear  expenses.
hold on to ~을 꼭 붙잡다 You should hold on to your hat on a windy day.
rise in life 출세하다 He has risen in life through perseverance.
be supposed to ~하기로 되어있다 They are supposed to be here at eight everyday.
for the benefit of ~을 위하여 for the sake of I'll help you for the sake of our old friendship.
run over (차가) 치다, 대출훑어보다 I ran over the list to see if my name was on it.
be content(ed) with ~에 만족하다 He was  contented with what he has.
on earth 도대체, 조금도 What on earth is the matter?
between ourselves 우리끼리 이야기지만 Between ourselves he is a notorious liar.
B as well as A A뿐만 아니라 B도 The little girl could play the piano as well as
as well as ~와 같이 잘 her mother
send for ~을 데리러 보내다 Send for the doctor.
show off 과시하다, 돋보이게 하다 Mother will always show off their children.
according to(as) ~에 의하면, ~에 따라서 According to the report, he is alive.
stand up for ~의 편을 들다, 옹호하다 A mother will usually stand up for children.
sum up 합계를 내다, 요약하다 She summed up bills at the grocery.
to tell the truth 사실은(대로 말하면) To tell the truth, I don't know much about it.
frankly speaking 솔직히 말해서 Frankly speaking I don't want to see him.
think over ~을 숙고하다(=consider) I'll give you three days to think it over.
use up 다 써버리다 Try not to use up all the flour.
strictly speaking 엄밀하게 말해서 Strictly speaking, he is not worthy of his fame.
turn over 뒤집다, 책장을 넘기다 The waves turned our boat over.
abound in 풍부하다(=be rich in) This stream abounds in fish.
exert oneself 노력하다 He exerted himself to win the race.
talking of ~으로 말하자면 Talking of marriage, did you know that Jill got married?
have an influence on ~에 영향을 미치다 He has a great influence on those around him.
get along (with)   지내다, 사이좋게 지내다 How is he getting along with his wife?
in public 공공연하게, 대중 앞에서 He hates to be seen in public.
face to face 마주 대하여 She was sitting face to face with the boy.
speak well(ill) of 칭찬하다 (헐뜯다) I have never heard him speak ill of others.
make up one's mind 결심하다 I made up my mind to get up earlier.
set off, set forth 출발하다(=start) He set off over the ice in pursuit of bear.
even if (=even though) 비록~일지라도 I will not mind even if she does not come.
by all means 반드시, 꼭 You must keep your promise by all means.
at any cost 어떻게 해서라도, 꼭 I will do it at all costs.
in full bloom (꽃이) 활짝 피어 The roses are in full bloom.
out of breath 숨이차서, 헐떡이며 He ran himself out of breath.
be similar to ~과 비슷하다, 유사하다 Your opinion is similar to mine.
for sale 팔려고 내놓은 Not for sale.
on and off 때때로, 불규칙적으로 We visited there on and off.
a point of view 견해, 견지, 관점 From the historical a point of view.
not A but B A가아니고 B이다 He is not my son but my nephew.
remind A of B A에게 B를 생각나게하다 You remind me of your father.
inform A of B A에게 B를 알리다 She informed her parents of her safe arrival.
have a hard time~ing ~하느라 어려움을 겪다 have trouble (in)~ing The teacher was having a hard time keeping the pupils quiet.
as a rule, on the whole 대체로, 일반적으로 He is, as a rule, punctual.
attribute A to B A를 B에 돌리다(탓) She attributed her success to good luck.
be subject to 지배를 받다, ~되기 쉽다 We are all subject to the laws of nature.
let alone, not to ~은 말할 것도 없고 not to mention It takes too much time, not to speak of money.
hold good 유효하다, 적용되다 The promise still holds good.
in terms of ~에 의하여(=by means of) They express an idea in terms of action.
cope with 대처하다 We cannot cope with the present difficulties.
give in 제출하다, 굴복하다 Give in your paper now.
run short of ~이 부족하다, 떨어지다 We have run short of money.
fall short of ~에 이르지 못하다 The arrow fall short of the mark.
do well to ~하는게 좋다 You would do well to be quiet.
turn up 모습을 나타내다 He turned up an hour later.
take~into account ~을 고려하다, 참작하다 You must take account of the fact.
make a point of~ing 습관적으로~하다 make it a rule to I always make a point of kissing the children when I leave home.
do away with ~을 없애다(= get rid of) This law should be done away with.
as good as ~한 것이나 마찬가지 He is as good as dead.
give way (to) ~에게 지다, 굴복하다 You must not give way to temptation.
make up for 보충(보상)하다 Lost time could not be made up for.
compensate for 보충(보상)하다 I will compensate you for your loss.
come near~ing 거의 ~할 지경이다 The child came near being drowned.
as such as 그런 것으로서 He is a leader, and as such, must be obeyed.
at a loss 어찌할 바를 몰라, 당황하여 I was so surprised that I was quite at a loss for words.
make friends with ~와 친하게 지내다 He makes friends with whomever he could.
at first sight 첫눈에, 얼핏보기에 He fell in love with her at first sight.
not a few 꽤 많은 (=quite a few) She has quite a few good friends.
from time to time 때때로(=occasionally) I see Hicks at the library from time to time.
have a tendency to ~의 경향이 있다(=tend to) Janet tends to get angry if you annoy her.
turn out ~을 끄다; ~임이 판명되다 It turned out (to be) true.
feed on ~을 먹고살다, 기르다 I feed the dog on meat.
dress up (as) ~로 가장하다, 옷을 차려입다 The prisoners escaped by dressing up as guards.
insist on (upon) 주장하다, 고집하다 He insisted on my going there.
persist in 고집하다, 주장하다 She persists in her opinion.
look on A as B A를 B로 여기다(간주하다) Do you look on him as a genius?
at any rate 하여튼 At any rate it will be a good experience for you.
take~by surprise 기습하다 Our troops at last take the enemy's fortress by surprise.
cannot ~ too 아무리~해도 지나치지않다 You cannot be too diligent.
get in touch with ~와 접촉을 유지하다 Keep in touch with her while I am away.
at length 드디어, 자세히 I'll explain the matter. at length.
take after ~을 닮다(=resemble) Mary really takes after her mother.
dispose of 처분하다, 처리하다 He has disposed of his house and land.
read between the lines 글뒤에 숨은 뜻을 읽다 If you read between the lines, this letter is really a request for money.
in charge of ~을 맡아서, 담당해서 He is the teacher in charge of us.
leave off 그만두다 He has left off the work.
may well ~하는 것도 당연하다 You may as well give up smoking.
may as well ~하는게 낫다(=had better) You may as well go at once.
might as well A as B 차라리 A 하는 편이 낫다 You might as well advise me to give up my fortune as my argument.
be worth ~ ing ~할 가치가 있다 This museum is worth seeing.
take turns ~을 교대로 하다 Let's take turns at cooking.
relieve~of (사람)에서 (사물) 제거하다 That relieved him of all responsibility.
in that ~라는 점에서, 이므로 We love him in that he is honest and diligent.
refrain from ~을 그만두다, 삼가다 Athletes usually refrain from smoking.
bring up 기르다, 양육하다 She was brought up to behave politely.
hand down 물려주다, 전하다 The story will be handed down to posterity.
work out 풀다, 결국~이 되다 The problem will work out.
take in 속이다, 이해하다 She told the lie so well I was easily taken in.
it goes without saying ~ 말할 나위도 없이 It goes without saying that man is moral.
look up to ~을 존경하다 (=respect) You should look up to your parents.
look down upon 경멸하다, 얕보다 You must not look down on poor people.
for my part 나로서는 For my part I have no objection to it.
as for ~에 관해서는 As for me, I don't want to do so.
as to ~에 관하여(=as regards) He said nothing as to his plan.
take one's time 천천히 하다 You should take your time doing the task.
of one's own-ing 자기 자신이~한 This is a dress of her own making.
far from~ing 조금도 ~않다 Far from reading the letter, he did not open it.
in advance 미리, 사전에 I paid a month's rent in advance.
fall in with 우연히 만나다, 동의하다 I fell in with her at a ball.
cut a finger figure 이채를 띠다 The scientist cut a fine figure in the history of human progress.
in effect 사실상, 실시되어 The reply was, in effect, a refusal.
the last ~to B 결코 B할 것 같지 않은 He is the last man to do such a thing.
at times 때때로 She was very much distressed at times.
come up to ~에 달하다 He came up to me in the street.
indulge (oneself) in ~에 빠지다, 탐닉하다 He seldom indulged himself in such idle thoughts.
abide by 지키다, 따르다 You must abide by your promise.
figure out 이해하다, 계산하다 I can't figure out what he's trying to say.
be about to 막 ~하려고 하다 I am just about to call you.
carry out 실행하다, 성취하다 Plans once made, should be carried out.
put up with 참다, 견디다 I could not put up with his insolence.
put up at ~에 묵다 Wherever I go, I put up at the best hotel.
associate A with B A를 B와 관련지어 생각 No European associates wealth with personal merit.
lose sight of (시야에) 놓치다 I lost sight of him in the crowd.
never A without~ing A하면 반드시~하다 It never rains without it pouring.
keep A from ~ing A가 ~하지 못하게 하다 Business prevented me from going fishing.
turn away 외면하다, 거절하다 How could you turn away from a puppy in trouble?
keep up with ~에 뒤떨어지지 않다 He walked so fast that I couldn't keep up with him.
the one~the other 전자~후자(=that ~this) Virtue and vice are before; the one leads to happiness, the other to misery.
provide for ~에 대비하다, 부양하다 We must provide for the future.
provided, providing 만일~하면(=if) I'll go provided that you go.
be free from ~이 없다 No one is free from cares.
in the long run 결국(=in the end) All kinds of experiences are utilized in the end.
look to A for B A에 B를 의지하다 I look to him for help.
object to ~에 반대하다 They all objected to the plan.
correspond with 일치하다, 편지 왕래하다 The copy does not correspond with the original.
correspond to 일치하다, 해당하다 The goods do not correspond to the samples
for all, with all ~에도 불구하고 For all his efforts, he lost the match.
make one's way 나아가다, 출세하다 He makes his way to the radio and turned it on.
account for ~을 설명하다(=explain) There is no accounting for tastes.
approve of ~을 시인하다, 찬성하다 His father did not approve of his choice.
answer for 책임을 지다, 보증하다 You must answer for the consequences.
one thing~another ~과 ...은 별개이다 To know is one thing; to teach is another.
compete with ~와 경쟁하다 There is no book that can compete with this.
be equal to ~와 같다, 감당할수있다 He is not equal to the task.
(every) once in a while 가끔, 종종 They go out together every once in a while but not very often.
put off 연기하다(=postpone) She put off answering the letter.
put aside 저축하다 (lay aside) You should put money aside for your old age.
be aware of ~을 알고 있다 He was aware of his weakness.
at the risk of ~을 걸고, 무릎 쓰고 He saved the child at the risk of his life.
at the sight of ~을 보고 At the sight of the teacher the boys ran way.
rely on, depend on 의지하다, 믿다 The winter weather cannot be relied on.
in follows that (당연한) 결과로서~이 되다 If that is true, in follows that he was not there.
by means of ~에 의하여 We climbed up the cliff by means of a rope.
in accordance with ~에 따라서 Everything has been done in accordance with the rules.
look back upon 돌아다보다, 회고하다 She used to look back upon her happy school days.
in consequence ~의 결과로, ~때문에 He succeeded in consequence of hard work.
keep away from ~을 멀리하다 Keep the matches away from the children.
used to ~하곤 하였다 There used to be a house here.
tell A from B A와 B를 구별하다 I can't tell one twin from the other.
be used to~ing 익숙하다 I am accustomed to this climate.
in the event of ~의 경우에(=in case of) There will be much trouble in case of his not coming.
in one's presence ~의 면전에서 It is rude to yawn in the presence of others.
What ~ for? 무엇 때문에 What did you say that for?
hold out 견디다, 버티다 They hold out against hunger for a week.
deprive A of B A로 부터 B를 빼앗다 The high building deprived their house of sunlight.
keep track of (정보,사실) 계속 알고있다 You can't expect me to keep track of so many pieces.
turn down 거절하다(=reject) He invited me to the party, but I turned him down.
out of nothing 쓸데없이 They quarreled out of nothing.
think nothing of ~을 아무렇지도 않게 생각 He thinks nothing of lying.
in a row 연속해서, 한 줄로 The children stood in a row.
neither A nor B A, B 둘 다 아닌 Can you speak neither English nor French?
be worth~ing ~할 가치가 있다 The lecture is worth listening to.
cannot help~ing ~하지 않을 수 없다 He looked so funny that I can not but laugh.
enable A to B ~을 가능하게 하다 His help enabled me to finish the work.
cause A to B A로 하여금 B하게 하다 The thought caused him of tremble.
drop in ~에 잠깐 들르다 We just drop in to say hello. How are you all?
be characteristic of ~의 특성을 나타내다 Sympathy is the feeling characteristic of mankind.
be occupied in ~에 종사하다(=engaged) He is now occupied in writing.
as a whole 대체로(=on the whole) The Koreans, as a whole, area polite people.
most of all, above all 무엇보다도, 특히 frist of all He was beloved by all and most of all by the children.
behind time 지각하여, 시간에 늦게 The train was 20 minutes behind time.
behind the times 시대에 뒤떨어져서 Those who do not read newspapers are apt to be behind the times.
play a role 역할을 하다(=play a part) Language plays a great role in our life.
on purpose 고의로, 일부러 He insisted me on purpose.
by degrees 점차로, 서서히(=gradually) Their friendship grew into love by degrees.
consist of ~으로 이루어지다 My father's library is composed chiefly of novels.
consist in, lie in ~에 있다 Happiness consists in contentment.
stand for(=represent) ~을 나타내다, 대표하다 The blue bird stands for happiness.
put out (불을) 끄다(=extinguish) Don't forget to put out the light.
think of A as B A를 B라고 생각(간주)하다 (regard, consider) People think of computers as devices that calculate.
to and fro 여기 저기 Children are running to and fro.
in token of ~의 표시로 Please accept it in token of my gratitude.
set ~ free 해방하다 He set the bird free from the cage.
turn off 잠그다, 끄다 Don' t forget to turn off the water.
in turn(s), by turns 차례로, 교대로 The children got on the train in turns.
be tired of ~에 싫증이 나다 be weary of People will soon be tired of you if you behave in that way.
make a face 얼굴을 찌푸리다 The children make a face at the teacher.
be sensible of ~을 알아차리다 He is sensible of a voice calling him.
be sensitive to ~에 민감하다 The eye is sensitive to light.
within a stone's throw of 아주 가까운 He lives within a stone's throw of the school.
to some extent 어느 정도, 약간은 Their ancient life still in some degree influences us.
to begin with 우선, 첫째로 in the first place I should like, to begin with to say something to of my own college career.
in oneself 본래는, 실질적으로 It is good in itself.
of oneself 스스로, 자연히 The fire went out of itself.
make sure (of) 확인하다(=ascertain) He makes sure of the figures.
make sense 뜻이 통하다, 이치가 닿다 This passage doesn't make sense.
as long as ~하는 동안은, ~하는 한은 I will not forget your kindness as long as I live.
as far as ~까지, ~한 I went as far as Jinhae.
by way of (=via) ~을 경유해서, ~을 위하여 He went to Paris by way of America.
add to 증가하다, ~이 더하다 This will only add to her misery.
with regard to ~에 대하여, ~에 관하여 in regard to Let us have the facts with regard to the worst troubles.
without regard to ~에 상관없이, ~을 무시하고 He spends money without regard to the budget.
as regards ~에 관하여, ~에 대하여 As regards house keeping, she is a very good wife.
be apt to, be liable to ~하기 쉽다, 자칫~하다 He is apt to forget people's names.
at (the) best 기껏해야, 잘 해야 He is an average student at best.
at (the) most 기껏해야, 많아야 I can pay only ten dollars at most.
die out 쇠퇴하다, 소멸하다 Many old customs are gradually dying out.
in (the) face of ~와 마주보고, ~ 불구하고 He acted calmly in the face of imminent death.
do well 건강하다, 번영하다 He is doing well in business.
be exposed to ~에 노출되다 They had to be exposed to the enemy's gunfire.
get through 끝내다(=finish), 합격하다 Did you get through the examination?
believe in (존재) 믿다 You should believe in God.
be eager to (for+명사) ~하기를 열망하다 He is eager to meet you.
keep an eye on ~을 감시하다 Please keep an close eye on my suitcase.
in respect of ~에 대하여, 관하여 with respect to I have nothing to mention in respect of the point at issue.
see ~ off 전송하다 He saw his friend off at the bus station.
prior to 보다 앞에, 보다 먼저 This event was prior to the war.
previous to ~에 앞서서, ~이전에 I had called previous to writing.
what is more 게다가, 그 위에 (=besides) She is rich and what is more beautiful.
call upon~for ~에게 ~을 요구하다 We called upon him for a speech.
be likely to ~할 것 같다 He is likely to fail
come by 얻다(=obtain) He came by his immense wealth honestly.
in a sense (way) 어떤 의미에서, 얼마간 This, in a sense, is a story about a queen of E.
point out 지시하다, 지적하다 They pointed out our advantages.
set up (=establish) 설립하다, 세우다 He set up a new building after the fire.
take off 벗다, 이륙하다 The stranger took off his hat to me.
make a fool of ~을 바보 취급하다, 우롱 Don't make fun of yourself.
as follows 다음과 같이 His words were as follows.
to be sure 확실히 She is not perfect, to be sure but she is pretty.
take over ~을 인계하다 He will take over his father's business.
lose heart 낙심하다 We shouldn't lose heart if we should fail.
good for nothing 아무 쓸모 없는 I found it good for nothing.
hit on (upon) ~와 우연히 마주치다, ~을 생각해 내다 At last she hit upon a plan device.
seek for (after) ~을 구하다, 찾다 She was seek after the lost dog.
along with ~와 함께 I sent the book along with other things.
for ages 오랫동안 I haven't seen you for a long time.
boast of 자랑하다 He never boast of his success.
take A for B A를 B라고 생각하다 (B로 잘못 알다) The village boys take me for a teacher and made a bow.
agree with + 人 의견이 일치하다 This food does not agree with me.
agree to + 物 (의견,제안) 동의하다 She couldn't agree to the proposal.
of late 요즘, 최근에 (=lately) I have heard nothing from him of late.
on business 용무가 있어서, 사업차 He went to New York on business.
on account of ~때문에 I was absent from school on account of illness.
deal in ~을 팔다, 장사하다 The merchant deals in silk goods (furniture).
picture to oneself 상상하다, 머릿속에 그리다 We can scarcely picture to ourselves a time in which printing was unknown.
occur to 생각이 떠오르다 Just then a bright idea occur to me.
in spite of ~에도 불구하고 He was very tired and in spite of himself fell into sleep.
if only ~할 수만 있다면 If only I could speak English!
help oneself to ~을 마음대로 들다(먹다) Please help yourself to the tea.
for the most part 대게는, 대부분은 This orange drink is for the most part water.
for the first time 처음으로 I met him then for the first time.
find fault with ~의 흠을 잡다, 비난하다 I can find fault with him.
ever since 그 후로 죽 He has been ill ever since.
at the foot of ~의 기슭에, 아래쪽에 At the foot of the hills are rich plains and valleys.
at first (second) hand 직접으로 (간접으로) I heard the news at second hand from your sister.
at present 지금은, 현재 She is busy at present and can't speak to you.
all the way 줄곧, 내내 He came running all the way.
all the time 항상, 그 동안 죽 He is late for school all the time.
learn~by heart 외우다(=memorize) I have learned the poem by heart.
come to ~에 이르다, ~하게 되다 The dress comes to her knee.
succeed to ~의 뒤를 잇다, 계승하다 The princess succeeded to the throne.
of value 가치 있는 Your help is of value to me.
have an eye for ~을 보는 눈이 있다 She has an eye for the beautiful.
in addition (to) ~에 더하다, 그밖에 또 I have a lot to do in addition to this.
catch up with 따라잡다(=overtake, come up with) She had to work hard in order to catch up with the rest of the class.
take part in ~에 참가하다 participate in Many athletes came to Seoul to take part in the Olympics.
amount to ~에 이르다, ~와 같다 Your debt amounts to 1,000 dollars.
be capable of ~할 수 있다 He is capable of teaching English.
on (an) average 대게, 평균하여 On average we received 5 letters each day.
make a difference 차이가 있다, 중요하다 Never mind, it doesn't make any differences.
care for ~을 돌보다, (부,의) 좋아하다 Who cares for the sick?
as well ~도 또한 (=too) She can speak English, and French as well.
by nature 본래, 선천적으로 She is artistic by nature.
lead to ~으로 통하다 Where does this road lead to?
never fail to 반드시~하다 He never fail to come on Sunday.
go on with ~을 계속하다 He goes on with the work.
strange to say 이상한 이야기지만 Strange to say, such a simple idea never occurred to me
on the spot 그 자리에서, 즉석에서 The officer was killed on the spot.
hand in, give in ~을 제출하다 Hand in your examination papers now.
look forward to ~을 기다리다, 기대하다 I am looking forward to your visiting here soon.
on the other hand 다른 한편으로는, 반면에 He is clever, but on the other hand he makes many mistakes.
in no time 즉시, 곧 She will take you down there in no time.
have only to ~하기만 하면 된다 You have only to mail the letter.
in short, in a word 한마디로 말하면, 요컨대 In short he is not a fixed character.
in (the) course of ~중에 In the course of dinner I suddenly felt dizzy.
get away 달아나다, 떠나다 I must get away before morning.
yield to ~에 굴복하다, ~에 따르다 They yield to enemy.
make the most of ~을 최대한 활용하다 Make the most of your time.
see to ~을 돌보다, 주의하다 I'll see to the patient.
see (to it) that ~하도록 조처하다, 주의하다 I will see to it that you get the book by tomorrow.
apart from ~은 별도로 하고, 그만두고 Apart from joking what do you mean to do?
not so much A as B A 보다는 오히려 B He is not so much a scholar as a writer.
regardless of ~에 관계없이 Regardless of her faults, I love her.
devote oneself to 전념하다(=give oneself to) He devotes himself to self-culture.
refer to 언급하다, 참조하다, 관련~ He usually refers his students to this dictionary.
come into being 생기다, 성립하다 Old words die out and new words come into existence.
be due to 마땅히 지불해야 한다, ~할 예정이다, 때문이다 The rent is due to you tomorrow.
for lack (want) of ~의 부족 때문에 This plant is dying for lack of water.
no more A than B A가 아닌 것은 B가 아닌 것과 같다 The whale is no more a fish than a horse is.
live up to ~에 맞게 살다 I hope to live up to your expectation.
be on good terms with ~와 사이가 좋다 Now I am on good terms with my father.
do with ~을 처리하다, 참고 견디다 He is easy to do with.
do without ~없이 지내다(dispense with) I can do without your advice.
have done with ~을 끝내다 (=finish) Let's have done with vain regrets.
as ~ as ever 변함 없이, 여전히 He is as busy as ever.
distinguish A from B A와 B를 구별하다 Speech distinguishes man from the animals.
leave nothing to be desired 조금도 아쉬운 점이 없다 Your composition leaves nothing to be desired.
no more than 다만 ~뿐 (=only) He wrote no more than three novels.
no less than ~에 못지 않게, 마찬가지로 He gave me no less than 500 dollars.
not less than 적어도 (=at least) He has not less than 100 dollars.
count on (rely on) ~을 믿다, 기대하다 You'd better not counts on a raise.
count for nothing 전혀 쓸모가 없다 Such men count for nothing.
prevail on (upon) ~을 설득하다 I tried to prevail on him to stay.
enter into 시작하다, 관여하다 We entered into negotiations with them.
not more than 기껏해야, 고작 He has not more than five dollars.
have nothing to do with ~와 아무런 관계가 없다 Poverty has something to do with laziness.
what if? ~한다면 어떻게 될까 What if you should fail?
in the way 방해가 되어(in one's way) I'm sorry to be in the way.
have one's (own) way 제멋대로 하다 He has his own way in everything.
all but 거의, ~을 제외하고는 모두 He all but died of his wounds.
anything but 결코~아니다, ~외에는 다 He is anything but a gentleman.
nothing but 단지~뿐(=only) Mother was thinking of nothing but my coming home.
keep company with ~와 사귀다 Don't keep company with such men.
for a rainy day 만일의 재난에 대비하여 Keep something for a rainy day.
be bound to 반드시~한다 It is bound to happen.
on end 잇달아, 곤두서서 It rained for three days on end.
get the better of ~를 이기다 (=win) I get the better of him in mathematics.
take it for granted ~을 당연한 것으로 생각하다 I take it for granted that you would join.
take sides with ~의 편을 들다, 가담하다 I will take the side of the weak.
at the expense of ~을 희생하여 He did it at the expense of his health.
take pains 애쓰다, 노력하다 He takes much pains with his work.
allow for ~을 고려하다, 참작하다 take ~into account You should allow for his youth.
take advantage of ~을 이용하다(=avail oneself of) Don't take advantage of other's weakness.
fall on (어떤 일시에) 해당하다 To our regret, the holiday falls on Sunday.
turn down 거절하다(=reject) The proposal was turned down.
a good deal of 많은, 다량의 He had a great deal of love for mankind.
do justice to ~을 공정하게 평하다 To do him justice we must say that~
be on the point of~ing 막~하려고 하다 The train is on the point of starting.
to the point 적절한, 요령 있는 He says nothing to the purpose.
so as to+R ~하기 위하여, 하도록 Walk fast so as to be in time for the train.
fall back on(upon) ~을 의지하다(=depend on) You can always fall back upon me.
lose no time in~ing 곧 ~하다 I'll lose no time in going back.
keep off 막다 Keep off the dog.
jump to conclusions 속단하다, 성급히 판단 Norma scolded Susan because she had jumped to a hasty conclusions.
in order to (that~may) ~하기 위하여 He worked hard in order to succeed.
ask a favor of ~에게 부탁하다, 청하다 May I ask a favor of you?
would rather A than B B하느니 차라리 A 하겠다 I would rather die than disgrace myself.
little, if any 혹시 있다고 하더라도 거의 없는 There are few books, if any.
seldom, if ever 혹시~할지라도 좀처럼 않는 He seldom, if ever, goes out.
provide A with B A에게 B를 공급하다 The trees provide us with fruit.
end up (in) 결국에는 ~하게 되다 His speech started out fine, but it ended up in failure.
be absorbed in ~에 몰두하다, 열중하다 They are absorbed in baseball.
be acquainted with ~을 알고있다, 정통하다 He is acquainted with it from the beginning.
be anxious for ~을 갈망하다 He is anxious for wealth.
break out (=occur) (갑자기) 일어나다 A fire broke out in a neighboring store last night.
call off (=cancel) 취소하다, 중지하다 The examination was suddenly called off.
be convinced of ~을 확신하다 I am convinced of your recovery.
accuse A of B A를 B로 고소하다, 나무라다 He accused me of having neglected my work.
apply oneself to ~에 전념(열중)하다 He applied himself to learning French.
apply to ~에게 적용되다 The rule applies to this case.
to make matters worse 설상가상으로 To make matters worse, there was a big flood which destroyed all his paintings.
what is worse 더욱 나쁜 것은 What is worse, it began to rain.
break into ~에 침입하다, 갑자기~ A robber broke in his house.
rain cats and dogs 비가 억수같이 쏟아지다 It was starting to rain cats and dogs.
cling to ~에 둘러붙다, 집착하다 Wet clothes cling to the body.
stick to ~을 고수하다, 고집하다 Whatever your argument, I will stick to my decision.
in proportion to (as) 비례하여, ~함에 따라 Are you paid in proportion to the number of hours you work?
long for 갈망하다, 동경하다 We are longing for peace.
take a fancy to ~을 좋아하게 되다 She has taken a fancy to the music.
in search of ~을 찾아서 Most of them are in search of a new leader.
so to speak 말하자면 as it were He is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.
bring forth 맺다, 낳다, 생기게 하다 What will the future bring forth?
wait on, attend on 시중들다 (=serve) There are people who are ready to wait on the sick.
attend to 주의하다, 열심을 내다 Attend to your teacher (what your teacher says).
what do you say to~ing ~은 어떤가 What do you say to going on a picnic next Sunday?
call out 소리지르다, 소집하다 He called out in his sleep.
be possessed with ~에게 사로잡혀 있다 I am possessed with the devil and cannot escape.
be endowed with ~을 부여받고 있다 We are all endowed with a conscience.
make no difference 조금도 문제가 안 된다 It makes no difference to me it is large or small.
bear ~ in mind 명심하다(keep in mind) This fact should be born in mind.
all of a sudden 갑자기 (=suddenly) All of a sudden it began to rain.
be familiar with+사물 ~을 잘 알고 있다 be familiar to+사람 He is familiar with the subject.
burst into 갑자기~하기 시작하다 She burst into laughter (tears).
clear A of B A로부터 B를 제거하다 He tried to clear himself of suspicion.
seeing that ~인 점에서 보면, 이므로 Seeing that she is very old, she cannot see far.
now (that) ~이므로, ~인 이상은 Now that you are here, I can go shopping.
worthy of ~의 가치가 있는, 어울리는 The place is quite worthy of a visit.
substitute A for B A를 B의 대신으로 하다 We can substitute margarin for butter.
attach ~ to ~을 붙이다, 애착을 갖다 He attached a stamp to the envelope.
what is called 이른바, 소위 He is what is called a genius.
pass for ~으로 통하다 He passes for a great scholar.
come of age 성년이 되다 My son will come of age next year.
now and then 때때로, 가끔 I saw him every now and then.
in favor of ~에 찬성하여, 유리하게 Are you in favor of the plan or not?
in honor of ~을 축하해서, ~위해서 They gave a dinner in honor of the visitor.
make much of ~을 중요시하다 I don't make much of some mistakes in it.
make little (light) of ~을 얕보다, 경시하다 They make little of his popularity.
in return (for) ~의 답례로, 보답으로 He kissed her in return.
reflect on ~을 숙고하다 (=think over) Reflect on all I have said to you.
It is no use ~ing ~해도 소용없다 It is no use crying over spilt milk.
There is no ~ing ~할 수 없다 There is no telling when he will arrive.
take charge of ~을 떠맡다, 담당하다 Who will take charge of the class?
for nothing 공짜로, 헛되이 I got the ticket for nothing.
for one thing 첫째로 For one thing he drinks.
bring forth 맺다, 낳다, 생기게 하다 What will the future bring forth?
go through (고통따위)받다, 경험하다 We have gone through many hardships.
lest S should~ ~하지 않도록 He walked slowly lest he should slip.
rob A(人) of B(物) A로 부터 B를 빼앗다 The shock robbed him of his speech.
resort to 호소하다, 의지하다 She decided to resort to law.
give rise to ~을 일으키다, 발생~ A privilege often gives rise to abuses.
give birth to ~을 낳다, 발생시키다 She gave birth to twins.
take the place of ~을 대신하다 Who will take the place of him?
inquire into ~을 조사하다(=look into) The police inquired into the case.
inquire after ~의 안부를 묻다 She inquired after your health.
beyond question 의심할 여지없이 His honesty is beyond question.
come across ~우연히 만나다, 발견하다 I was delighted to come across him again.
at one's disposal ~의 마음대로 He has a good library at his disposal.
take pride in ~을 자랑하다 She takes pride in her present job.
as a matter of fact 사실은 As a matter of fact, you are quite right.
lose oneself, get lost 길을 잃다 He lost himself in the wood.
safe and sound 무사히 He returned home safe and sound from the war.
(near) at hand 바로 곁에, 가까이에 around the corner The examination is near at hand.
in view of ~을 고려하여, ~이 보이는 곳에 It was clear to me, especially in view of his behavior.
give up 그만두다, 버리다 You should give up smoking and drinking.
leave out 빼다, 생략하다(=omit) Everyone was invited but Chris was left out.
what is ~ like? 어떠한 것인가 What is he like?
be through with ~을 끝내다 He is through with drinking.
under the circumstances 이런 사정으로 Under the circumstances, I cannot keep my promise.
no sooner ~ than ~하자마자 No sooner said than done.
as soon as, the moment ~하자마자 I forget as soon as I learn.
look over 대강 훑어보다 Will you please look over the paper?
look up (사전에서) 찾다, 조사- Look up the word in you dictionary.
what little 적지만 모두 He saves what little he earns.
수+ times as ~ as ~배  The state is about twice as large as Korea.
in case ~의 경우에는 In case it rains the meeting will be postponed.
sooner or later 조만간, 언젠가는 Sooner or later we shall have to face the question.
name after ~에서 따오다 The child was named after grandfather.
make believe 가장하다, ~인 체하다 Let's make believe that we're Indians.
reach (out) for 손을 뻗치다 The boy reached out for the flower.
on (upon)~ing ~하자마자 On hearing the news, she turned pale.
major in 전공하다 specialize in What did you major in at college?
to make a long story short 요컨대, 간단히 말해서 To make a long story short, it was a failure.
thanks to ~덕택에, 때문에 Thanks to his decision, things have come right.
carry on 계속하다, 경영하다 They decided to carry on with their work.
be equipped with ~을 갖추고 있다 All the ships are equipped with wireless apparatus.
furnish A with B A에 B를 공급하다 supply A with B Nature furnishes the artists with various materials.
result in ~의 결과를 가져오다 The plan resulted in failure.
none the less 역시, 그럼에도 불구하고 It is none the less true.
hang around 이리저리 돌아다니다 He hangs around outside the shop.
compare A with B A와 B를 비교하다 I hate comparing myself with them.
compare A to B A를 B에 비유하다 Life is often compared to a voyage.
in one's place ~의 대신에 Let me work in your place.
on duty 근무중의, 당번의 The novelist is always on duty.
out of order 고장이 나서, 순서가 어긋 Look at your watch; mine is out of order.
command a fine view ~의 전망이 좋다 The hotel commands a fine view of the lake.
come to an end 끝나다 This war will not come to an end soon.
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