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Srta Lynch 14 LC Aur

2014 LC Aural vocab

inauguración inauguration
la alcaldesa they mayor (f)
un edeficio a building
próximo a near to
animar a to encourage
ha señalado has noted
el crecimiento the growth
suelo mezclar I usually mix
la juventud the youth
está perdiendo is losing
el sentido de the sense of
maltrato abuse/mistreatment
acoso escolar school bullying
Nacer y crecer to be born and to grow up
la llave the key
el camino the way
revista magazine
lectores readers
fieles loyal
belleza beauty
un equilibrio a balance
dejo a un lado I leave to one side
Intenta it tries to
mejorar to improve
desigualdades inequalities
albañiles builders
la apertura the opening
recorrer to go through
patrimonio heritage
Muestran they show
la alcazaba the citadel
siglo century
aficionados fans
malagueños people from Malaga
atranscurrirá will go by
estable stable
caluroso warm / hot
el litoral norte the northern coast
una cajetilla a small box
el fumador the smoker
los riesgos the risks
el comprador the purchaser
Created by: Luvlycaroline
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