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Reading vocabulary

Definition Term
of or having to do with cell phones and their technology Cellular
allows heat, electricity, or sound to pass through Conducts
a person or company that creates computer software Developer
a person who is specially trained to design and build machines, large structures, or computer software and hardware Engineer
a system of satellites and devices that people use to find out where they are or to get directions to a place; GPS
computer equipment Hardware
The points at which two different things meet; for example, a keyboard is an interface between a computer and a user Interfaces
programs allowing a student to learn a skill or job by working with an expert in his or her chosen field Internships
readily learned or understood Intuitive
models of a machine or program that are used to study, test, or show its features Mock-ups
doing two or more things at the same time Multitasking
groups of connected computers or communications equipment Networks
Software in computers or other devices that support all the programs that run on them Operating Systems
make as good or effective as possible Optimize
shapes with three or more sides; triangles, squares Polygons
the coded languages in which instructions for a machine are written Programming languages
the first version of an invention that tests an idea to see if it will work Prototype
computer programs that control the workings of the equipment, or hardware, and direct it to do specific task Software
a small stick used like a pen to input data to some devices Stylus
)and widely spread Viral
Created by: Purata03
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