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English Terms


Anagnoresis point in play or novel in which a character has a realization (epiphany)
Antagonist not hero, pushes back on protagonist, in negative way
Protagonist leading character or one major character in a drama, movie, novel, etc. Hero.
Narrator A person who narrates something, commentary in movie, novels, etc.
Dithyrams cold, wild choral hymn of ancient greece
Dramatic Irony A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of characters words / actions clear to audiences but unknown to characters.
Situational Irony In which actions have an effect or result that is opposite than intended
Verbal Irony When a persons intension are different than what they say they are
Hubris A characteristic of excessive confidence or arrogance, which leads a person to believe they cannot do wrong. Pride in a negative sense, cocky, conceded.
Anagnurisis is the turning point, a climax.
Hamartia a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a hero, missed your shot, a mistakes that had to happen
Peripeteia a sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances. Starts at the moment of recognition.
catastrophe an event causing great and often damage and suffering. A disaster.
catharsis The process of releasing, relief from, strong or repressed emotions
Created by: RoseWater
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