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IEW Fix It Grammar 2

IEW Fix It Grammar Robin Hood Book 2

reigned ruled with sole authority
glades open spaces in a forest
expertise expert skill or knowledge
rambled wandered in a leisurely manner
wrath fierce anger
dauntless without fear
readily quickly and easily
carefree without anxiety or worry
blithely in a joyous, merry manner
fanciful led by imagination and feeling rather than reason
convivial fond of feasting and merry company
accosted boldly addressed or confronted
shoddy of poor quality
taunted ridiculed; provoked by witty insults
champion first among all contestants
top-notch outstanding; superior
retorted replied in similar manner back to the speaker
affronted offended; embarrassed
composedly calmly
buck a male deer
wager bet; something staked on an uncertain event
seethed burned with anger
capital punishable by death
impulsively quickly and rashly
hot-blooded excitable and quick to act
opponent adversary; person on the opposing side
toppled fell or tumbled down, as from too heavy a top
hastened hurried; moved with haste
accounts reasons
reserved saved for future use
lavishly abundantly
vendetta a private feud where someone seeks to avenge the death of a family member
adroitly skillfully and nimbly, using both his body and his mind well
displaced lacking a home; removed from their proper place
famished extremely hungry
narrowly with little room to spare
insatiable not able to be satisfied or appeased
despoiled robbed of possessions
oppression the cruel or unjust abuse of power or authority
yeomen landowners who cultivate their own land
vowed made a solemn promise
plundered robbed; taken wrongfully
succor help; relief; aid
earnestly sincerely and seriously
impoverished poor; reduced to poverty
audacious escapades recklessly brave and bold adventures
magnanimous generous and noble
vicariously as if enjoyed through the experiences of others
melodiously tunefully; in a sweet sounding way
gurgling flowing in an irregular, noisy current
cavorted behaved in a high-spirited, festive manner
captivated attracted or enchanted
sport pleasant pastime
tarry stay in a place
heed give great attention to
ranged passed through (an area), exploring and searching
spanned extended over and across
resolutely in a determined manner
quickened hastened; made more rapid
brusquely in an abrupt, blunt manner
interloper a person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others
bide wait; remain
tan one's hide beat one soundly
numskull a dull-witted person
faintheart a coward; one who lacks courage or is faint of heart
lethal causing death
craven a coward
sparring boxing, especially with light blows
countered made an opposing move or response
sturdily in a strong or determined way
hefty impressively large and substanial
genially pleasantly and cheerfully
furtively slyly and secretively
deemed formed an opinion; judged
towered rose above others; was taller than others
husky big and strong
muttered uttered words in a low tone or indistinctly
proclaimed announced openly
catapults thrusts quickly or suddenly
adept expert; very skilled
nimbly quickly and lightly in movement
stouter braver and more forceful
adversary opponent; person who opposes or attacks
parried warded off; turned aside
leveled brought to the level of the ground; laid low
deftly nimbly; skillfully; cleverly
thus in this way
chafed sore from rubbing
fatigue weariness from physical exertion
combatant a person who fights
thatching material like straw or rushes used to cover roofs, a common roofing material in the middle ages
shrewd sharp, keen or piercing
hairbreadth a very small space or distance
dexterous skillful or adroit in the use of his hands
inflamed angered to the point of growing red in the face
smote struck hard (past tense of the verb smite)
Created by: PRO Teacher klb457
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