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Flocabulary Unit #3

6th Grade Vocabulary Practice--Unit 3 Vocab

The boy showed ______________ to his country by standing and placing his hand on his heart when the flag came by. allegiance
occurring or going in order of time chronological
Using _________________ clues can help to figure out the meaning of an unknown word. context
The student was ________________ and always worked hard to complete all assignments to the best of their ability and on time. diligent
Power plants ________________, or create, tons of pollution. generate
Who will receive the ______________________ of the votes and win the election? majority
The opposite of ample; not enough of something meager
To try and reach a deal; bargain negotiate
something in the way obstacle
Sally wants to _______________ her own house one day, but for now she rents an apartment. possess
The family lives in ________________ and does not have enough money for their needs. poverty
to judge people before you know them is to have prejudice
to put on trial; bring to justice prosecute
They lived out in a _________________ area, far away from other people. remote
The old house was _________________ to look like a modern house. transformed
Is the following word an adjective or adverb? Excitedly Adverb
Is the following word an adjective or adverb? Tiny Adjective
Which part of speech adds DESCRIPTION to a story (describes a noun)? Adjective
Which element of a story tells the place and time of a story? Setting
Which element of a story involves all of the events, or the beginning, middle, and end? Plot
Which element of a story is the problem? Conflict
Which element of a story involves the people or things doing the action in the story? Character
Which element of a story tells the message, or lesson, of the story? Theme
Created by: mmarsh
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