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Jobs and Occupations

What is his/her job

I work in a restaurant. I serve food, take orders and clear the tables. server
I deliver the mail. mail carrier
I work in an office. I use a computer, answer the phone and assist the supervisor. office assistant
I take your money and give you your change cashier
I work in supermarkets, factories, Amazon and other big stores. I put things on the shelves. stock clerk
I put out fires and rescue cats from trees. firefighter
I protect people and sometimes give speeding tickets police officer
I build houses and buildings. construction worker
I sew and alter clothes. seamstress
I fix pipes, toilets, showers and sinks. plumber
I clean offices, schools and buildings. janitor custodian
I fix your electricity. electrician
I clean and fix your teeth. dentist
I protect and guard stores, banks, office buildings security guard
I fix your car. mechanic
I assemble things in factories. assembly line worker
I collect parking fees at a public parking garage a parking lot attendant
I serve snacks and give safety instructions on an airplane. a flight attendant
I sit in the cockpit and drive the plane. a pilot
I speak with the pilots and help them land and take off safely. air traffic controller
I prepare meals, but I don't work in a restaurant. a food prep worker
I put baggage on and take baggage off airplanes. a baggage handler
I maintain and fix airplanes. an aircraft mechanic
I help passengers check in for their flights and give them the boarding pass a reservation agent
I tell passengers to board (get on) the airplane. a gate service agent
Created by: jkearsley
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