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Vocabulary Quiz 1

Quiz-Need to know the part of speech

Antics (n.) ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions Synonyms: pranks, shenanigans
Avowed (adj.) declared openly and without shame, acknowledge Synonyms: admitted, sworn Antonyms: unacknowledged, undisclosed
Banter (v.) to exchange playful remarks, tease (n.) talk that is playful and teasing (n.) Synonyms: railery, chitchat Antonym: serious talk
Bountiful (adj.) giving freely, generous, plentiful, given abundantly Synonyms: liberal, abundant, copious Antonyms: scarce, scanty, in short supply
Congested (adj.) overcrowded, filled or occupied to excess Synonyms: jammed, choked, packed Antonyms: uncluttered, unimpeded
Detriment (n.) harm or loss, injury, damage, a disadvantage, a cause of harm Synonyms: hindrance, liability Antonyms: advantage, help, plus
Durable (adj.) sturdy, not easily worn out or destroyed, lasting for a long time (n.) consumer goods used repeatedly over a series of years (adj.) Synonyms: long-lasting, enduring Antonyms: fragile, perishable, fleeting, ephemeral
Enterprising (adj.) energetic, willing and able to start something new, showing boldness and imagination Synonyms: vigorous, aggressive, audacious Antonyms: lazy, indolent, timid, diffedent
Frugal (adj.) encomical, avoiding waste and luxury, poor Synonyms: thrifty, skimpy Antonyms: wasteful, indulgent, lavish
Gingerly (adj.) (adverb.) with extreme care or caution (adverb.) Synonyms: cautiously, warily, circumspectly Antonyms: firmly, confidently, aggressive
Glut (n.) an oversupply (n.) Synonyms: surplus, plethora Antonyms: shortage, scarcity, dearth, paucity
Incognito (adj.) in a disguising state, under an assumed name or identity (n.) the state of being disguising, a person in disguise (adj.) Antonyms: undisguised
Invalidate (v.) to make valueless, take away all force or effort Synonyms: cancel, annul, disapprove, discredit Antonyms: support, confirm, back up, legalize
Legendary (adj.) described in well-known storing, existing in old stories rather than in real life Synonyms: mythical, fabulous, famous
Maim (v.) to disable, injure
Minimize (v.) to make as small as possible, make at least of, to make smaller than before Synonyms: belittle, downplay Antonyms: magnify, enlarge, exaggerate
Oblique (adj.) slanting or sloping, straightforward or direct Synonyms: diagonal, indirect Antonyms: direct, straight to the point
Veer (v.) to change direction or course suddenly, turn aside, shift
Venerate (v.) to regard with reverence, look up with great respect Synonyms: worship, revere, idolize Antonyms: despise, detest, ridicule, deride
Wanton (adj.) reckless, heartless, unjustifiable, loose in morals (n.) a spoiled, pampered person, one with low morals (adj.) Synonyms: rash, malicious, spiteful, unprovoked Antonyms: justified, mortality strict, responsible
Created by: jschwartzman



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