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Vocab (ELA 2)

Amplitude A big, nourishing, tasty meal has this. SYNONYMS: size, extent, scope; n the height of a wave. The vertical distance from the center point of a wave to its peak is this.
Brevity in the quality of being brief. Things that don't take a long time have _____. SYNONYMS: shortness, conciseness
Deduction a logical conclusion on the basis of evidence. By putting clues together, a detective makes a _____. SYNONYM: inference; n. a taking away. A _____ from a score subtracts points from the score. SYNONYMS: reduction, penalty, subtraction
Fundamentally most importantly, at the core of a situation. If something is _____ true, it is true for the most basic reasons and at the most basic level. SYNONYMS: ultimately, necessarily, originally, primarily, principally
Generate bring into being, give rise to, be the cause of. To ______ something is to be the cause of it. SYNONYMS: make, cause, produce, originate
Optimal most effective, most favorable. ______ usually refers to the best conditions for achieving a desired end. SYNONYM: best
Radius in the length from the center of a circle to its outer edge. The ______ of a circle is half its width. SYNONYMS: length, range
Supreme highest in rank, power, or excellence. For example, the ________ Court of the United States is the highest court in the land. SYNONYMS: highest, first, best, top, topmost, foremost, ultimate
Technical add having to do with the details of how something is done. Any skill, from hitting a baseball to performing a chemistry experiment, involves a ______ aspect. SYNONYMS: detailed, precise, exact
Volume the space within a container; the amount a container can hold. Or measures size in three dimensions while area measures size in two. SYNONYMS: capacity, amount; n the loudness of a sound. Too much ______ can hurt the ears. SYNONYMS: noisiness, intensity
Velocity speed in a given direction. People often use ________ to mean any kind of speed, but in physics it means speed in a particular direction. SYNONYMS: rapidity, swiftness, quickness
Virtuoso someone who is extremely skilled at a certain art or activity. A great musician is called a _______. SYNONYMS: expert, wizard
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