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Pearson GCSE Chemistry

What is a polymer? A long-chain molecule made by joining many smaller molecules (monomers) together.
What is a repeating unit? The part of a polymer that can be repeated many times to form the polymer chain.
What bond must a monomer have in order to be able to form an addition polymer? C=C
This is the structure of ethene, draw the structure of the repeating unit.
This is the repeat unit of poly(tetrafluoroethene). Draw the monomer.
What is the name of the polymer made from propene monomers? Poly(propene)
What properties make poly(chloroethene) good for making window frames? It is tough and is a good insulator.
What are the monomers of a protein? Amino acids.
What is condensation polymerisation? A reaction in which monomers join together to form a polymer and eliminate a small molecule, such as water.
A condensation polymer is made from a monomer containing two alcohol groups and another monomer containing two of which functional group? Carboxylic acid
What small molecule is made whenever a new ester linkage is formed in a polyester? water
Give two advantages of recycling plastics. Conserves supplies of crude oil, Reduces the amount of plastics in landfill which saves space, Reduces the amount of plastic being burned so fewer greenhouse and toxic gases are produced
What is the monomer in poly(ethene)? ethene
What is polymerisation? The process of using small molecules (monomers) to make long chain molecules (polymers)
What are the two types of polymerisation? Addition and condensation
What monomers are involved in addition polymerisation? Alkenes
How do we draw polymers? In round brackets with an n [poly(ethene) is shown]
What type of monomers are involved in condensation polymerisation? Ones with two functional groups (like a diol)
What are the products of condensation polymerization? A polymer and a small molecule (usually water)
What is the polymer made from chloroethene monomer? poly(chloroethene)
What is the monomer in poly(tetrafluoroethene) (PTFE)? tetrafluoroethene
What is a use of poly(ethene)? carrier bags
What is a use of poly(propene)? drain pipes
What is a use of poly(chloroethene)? clothing
What is a use of PTFE? Non stick coatings on pans
What does the repeating unit for the polymer made of propene look like? (CH3CH-CH)-
What is formed from different amino acids combined in one chain? Proteins
What does DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid
What is DNA? A large molecule containing genetic information
What is the structure of DNA? Two polymer chains made from nucleotides in the form of a double helix
Name four naturally occurring polymers DNA, proteins, starch, cellulose
What monomers are starch and cellulose made of? Glucose