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Free word 30


Duvet (pronunc. duvei) Edredón
Plead Suplicar/ Implorar// Defender (legal: to court)
Chary Cauto/ Cauteloso (wary)
Queue Fila/ Cola (line of waiting people, vehicles)
Quibbling Quisquilloso/ Melindroso (making petty objections)
Answer back Replicar/ Contestar/ Responder informal (reply impudently)
Catch sight of (sth/ sb) Notar/ Atisbar/ Avistar/ Divisar (glimpse, notice)// Volver a ver
Carry out Llevar a cabo/ Realizar/ Cumplir (perform, conduct)
For sure Con certeza/ Con seguridad (certainly, definitely)
Boundary (pronunc. baundary) Límite/ Frontera/ Linde (limit of land, property)
Trigger (sth) Desencadenar/Provocar (set in motion, provoke)// Gatillo (gun)
Outreach (sb/sth) Sobrepasar/ Superar/ Sobrepasar a/ Superar a (exceed)
Iron out Resolver (resolve) [I just want to iron out a couple of things.]
Promotional Promocional/ Publicitario (advertising)
In case of/ In case / Just in case Por si acaso
In any case/ Anyway/ Regardless De todos modos/ De todas formas
Sob Llorar/ Sollozar (cry)
Harsh Duro/ Severo/ Difícil (manner/ climate) [She was quite harsh with the kids/ They have harsh winters in Norway]
Sloop Velero (type of sailing boat)
Perilously Peligrosamente (dangerously)
Oar (pronunc. oor) Remo (for boat)
Whirlpool Remolino [agua] (swirling water currents)
Crumble (pronunc. crambol) Desmoronarse/ Desmenuzarse/ Desmigajarse (fall apart)
Ailment Enfermedad (illness)
Proper Apropiado/ Correcto
Beech (pronunc. bich) Haya (tree)
Bluff Risco/ Peñasco/ Acantilado (geography: cliff) [Aparte de engaño, farol...]
Dire Urgente/ Extremo (urgent, desperate) [Ex: These people are in dire need of help]
Urgent Urgente (needing immediate attention) [Ex:These people are in dire need of help = Esta gente necesita ayuda urgente.]
Partake (in) Participar (share) [Ex: They opened a bottle of wine but I didn't partake.]// Participar en (join in) [She didn't often partake in office festivities.]
Off guard Por sorpresa/ Con la guardia baja (when unprepared)
Avoidance Abstinecia/ Evitación (evasion, keeping away from)



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