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LAB Study Stack

Actual genetic makeup Genotype
Chromosomes determining malesness/femaleness Sex Chromosomes
situation in which an individual has identical alleles for a particular trait Homozygons
genes not expressed unless they are present in homozygous condition recessive
Expression of a genetic trait phenotype
Situation in which an individual has different alleles making up his genotype for a particular trait heterozygous
genes for the same trait that may have different expressions alleles
chromosomes regulating most body characteristics autosomes
The more potent gene allele: masks the expression fo the less potent allele dominant
What does it mean when someone says a particular characteristic is sex-linked? It is carried on the F(X) sex chromosome
You are a male and you have been told that hemophilia "runs in your genes" whose ancestors, should you investigate? Moms or Dads? Moms because males can only receive the X chromosome from their mothers, the fathers contribution is always Y
Why are marriages between blood relatives prohibited in most cultures? Because blook relatives have similar gene pools thus the likelihood of receiving a double-dose of recessive genes is increased.
Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC); Is extremely bitter tasting to some people
DNA has a negative charge due to; a negative backbone
DNA moves through gel: away from negative toward positive electrode
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