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TTH Vocab

vocabulary for "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Define: derision Ridicule or mock
Define: vehemently Done with strong, intense, or passionate emotion
Define: hypocritical Having beliefs or principles, but not following them
Define: audacity Shameless boldness or daring attitude
Define: stealthily Done secretively or slyly
Define: acute Sharp or severe
Define: stifled To smother or suppress
Define: vex Irritate, annoy, or provoke
Define: conceive To form or create something, like an idea
Why must these mosquitos _____ me?! vex
Sometimes, working at a zoo, I wish that my sense of smelling was less _______. acute
The ______ of that child! audacity
He could not ______ of a world without video trees. conceive
His comment was met with a great deal of ______ and laughter. derision
She was so _______; she never seemed to follow her own advice. hypocritical
The mouse crept ______ across the floor as it avoided the cat's sight. stealthily
The climber clung to the _______ in the rock. crevice
He ________ denied cheating in the race. vehemently
I ________ a laugh and promptly left the meeting. stifled
Define: crevice A deep crack in something
Created by: donna.hale
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