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culture(1) the way a group of people lives and understands the world, including its ideas, beliefs and values; traditions; religions; language; rules; gender roles; food; clothing; art, music, dance, sports and other ways of life.
beliefs(1) strong opinions or ideas believed to be true.
impact(1) to affect directly
values(1,2) ideas about what is important and how to live in a way that is good or right
customs(2) usual or accepted practices of a social group
prosperous(2) having wealth, success, or good fortune
thriving (2) doing well or being successful
homeland (5) one's native country or region
sustain (5) to provide with the basic necessities of life; to keep (something) group or existing
subsistence (5) up from below (definition of sub-)
descendants (9) down, away from (definition of de-)
conflict (13) argument or fight between two opposing side
treaty (14) an agreement between two opposing sides; a document that explains the terms of the agreement
reservation (14) an area if land given to Native Americans by the U.S. government as payment for taking the land of their original homes. The government forced Native Americans to move and live on reservations.
plain works (18) words that are clear and easy to understand
heed (19) to pay attention to; to take notice of
truce (20) an agreement by warring parties to stop fighting
grieved (22) felt great sadness
surrendered (24) to give up; to give in to another's power or demands
poverty (26) poor, not having enough property, money, or food
inadequate (26) less than what is needed; not enough
betrayed (26) mislead; failed to fulfill as in hopes, needs, or expectations
justice (29) using the law to treat others fairly
misinterpretations (30) badly or wrongly (definition of mis-)
liberty (31) freedom to do or say what one thinks or feels
Created by: cmahn
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