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Lesson 5

Ped, pod feet and Counter-, contra- opposite, against

pedestrian n. a person walking in a city or along a road. Drivers must yield to pedestrians.
pedicure n. a treatment to improve the appearance and health of the feet and toenails. Mary's feet looked glamorous after her pedicure.
pedometer n. a device that measures the distance a person travels by walking. Kimberly's pedometer indicated that she had walked two miles while shopping at the mall.
podiatrist n. a doctor who treats injuries and diseases of the foot. Donald is seeing a podiatrist for the treatment of the infection in his foot.
tripod n. a support or stand for a camera or telescope that has three legs. Dad put the video camera on a tripod to record the band concert.
counterfeit n. something that is made to look like an exact copy of something else in order to trick people. The criminal carried counterfeit hundred-dollar bills.
counterpart n. someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another. The actress filmed a scene with her male counterpart.
counteract v. act against something; to cause something to have less of an effect or no effect at all. She took Tylenol before her immunization to counteract the pain from the shot.
contradict v. to say the opposite of something; to deny the truth about something; to deny or disagree with what is being said by someone; to not agree with something in a way that shows or suggests that it is wrong.
contrary n. an opposite or different fact, event, or situation. I expected the test to be easy, but the contrary was true; it was unbelievably hard.
Created by: cmahn
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