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Humana Cert

Certificate Training Aid (2/2)

What is the Humana MA Wellness program "Go365"? allows members to ear financial awards while staying safe at home
What should a Humana bene know about the plans in terms of COVID? $0 copayment (PCP, UC, Beh Health) respiratory care at no cost (once per year, humana pharm) home-delivered meals for 14 days/28 meals if you get covid $0 copayments (testing/treatment of covid)
What is the set of plan options designed for veterans? Are vets allowed to go to the other plans as well? "Honor Plans" + yes (and they should if the other plan is better)
What are some features of the "Honor Plans" selections? $0 premium, part B giveback ($10-144 per month), free dental, annual $100 vision allowance for glasses/contacts, annual hearing aid coverage, and "no-surprise" fixed copay for in network UC
What is the Humana "Healthy Foods" card? VBID benefit, $25/$50 amounts, must be used for qualified goods at qualified locations, most notably walmart.
What is an attribute of Humana HMO plans rules that is worth highlighting ? 52% of Humana HMOs have no referrals
Explain the Humana Insulin Savings Program? provides affordable, predictable copayments on select insulins through first 3 payment stages of Part D benefit, pay no more than $35 for 30 day supply, not available on all plans (268 MAPD and the Humana Premiere PDP currently
True or False: Humana and CarePlus can be used interchangeably because they come from the same company False, CarePlus only pertains to FL - two brand strategy
What are some characteristics of the CarePlus plan offerings? "all inclusive" (no need for additional coverage), all plans are HMO MA-PD plans, 18 counties in FL
What are the key differences between CareOne and CareFree plan offerings? CareOne - flagship, most popular CareOne PLUS - richer benefits than CareOne CareFree - part b giveback CareFree Plus - richer benefits than CareFree
Explain CareNeeds plans, generally CareNeeds- D-SNPS (bene is QMB, SLMB, QI, QDWI) CareNeeds Plus - bene is QMB+, SLMB +, FBDE
Explain the CarePlus rewards program? incentivizes benes to become/stay healthy, bene completes 4 activities in year and they get a $50 gift card from a list of retailers - CAN DISCUSS
What is the CarePlus PrescribeIT Rx ? mail order pharmacy, $0 copay (tier 1 + 2) online, $10 less cost-share for tier 3 + 4 (both during ICL stage)
If a bene if D-SNP eligible, but there are no D-SNP plans available, what product is usually offered? Value Plus plans
Memory Check: What are five chronic conditions that qualify a bene for a C-SNP? congestive heart failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, ESRD, chronic lung disorder
What determines C-SNP eligibility? bene must have received dr diagnosis of specific condition for the plan, pre-qualification form must be completed at time of sale and a verification form is sent after enrollment and must be signed by the dr and returned (within first month of coverage)
Memory Check: what are four ways a bene can get rx coverage? stand-alone PDP (for benes in OM, MediGap, or MA Only), MAPD plans, part of a retiree benefit package, or some benes who prefer to get their rx from VA
Created by: cmazzariti
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