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Free words 28


Goblet Copa/ Cáliz (drinking cup/ glass)
Fare Irle (get on) [Ex: The town didn't fare well during the drought=Al pueblo no le fue bien durante la sequía](Aparte de tarifa, precio...)
Outcome Resultado (result)
Burrow (pronunc. borrow) Madriguera (animal's tunnel, hole)
Hawk Halcón (bird of prey)
Buttress Contrafuerte/ Muro de contención
Dam Presa/ Dique (water barrier)
On the wane En decadencia/ En declive/ Menguando (in decline)
Utmost Máximo esfuerzo (maximum effort)
Tray (pronunc. trey) Bandeja (flat receptacle for food, drinks)
Akin to [sth] Parecido a/ Similar a/ Semejante a (like, similar to)
Fidget (pronunc. fidyet) Estar inquieto/ No estar quieto (make restless movements)
Fearsome Aterrador/a (frightening)
Thyself Te/ A ti mismo (yourself) [Ex: Calm thyself, Eragon=Cámate, Eragon]
Halt! (pronunc. hoult) ¡Alto! (stop!)
Behold (sth) Mirar/ Observar/ Contemplar (see, observe)
Thence De ahí (from there) [The peasants decided to form an uprising; thence, it became a rebellion and eventually a revolution.]// Por eso/ Por consiguiente/ Por lo tanto (therefore)
Scattered Esparcido/ Disperso (all over the place)
Seemingly Aparentemente/ Supuestamente (from appearance)
Joyful Alegre (expressing joy)
Mournful Triste/ Apenado (sad, sorrowful)
Nourishment (pronunc. norishment) Nutriente/ Comida (food)// Nutrición/ Alimentación (giving of food)
Nape Nuca (back: of the neck)
Odor (pronunc. oudor) Hedor/ Pestilencia/ Peste (unpleasant smell)
Relinquish Renunciar a / Ceder a (claim, right: renounce)
Unease Malestar/ Inquietud
Briar Zarza/ Rosa salvaje (thorny plant)
Poplar Álamo/ Chopo (tree)
Rye (pronunc. ray) Centeno (type of grain)
Dove (pronunc. dof) Paloma (bird)



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