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wordly wise 5

audacioous willing to take risks
audacious 2 showing disrespect or a lack of courtesy
audacity willingness to take risks by showing excessive boldness
confiscate to seize, by force if nessacary: to take possession of.
conscientous thorough; careful
conscientous 2 honest; principled
depict to give a picture of; to describe
embark to go on board a ship or airplane at the start of a voyage
embark 2 to start out; to begining
inkling a slight suspicion; a vague idea.
lackadisical showing little spirit or enthusiasm
mutiny deliberate refusal to obey orders given by those in command, espically by sailors.
mutiny 2 to rebel openly against a commander
pilfer to steal repeatly small ammounts of things are of little value.
profusion a plentiful supply; a great or generous ammount
profuse given or occuring in generous ammount; abundant
prudent very careful:showing judgement and wisdom
prudence the aviodance of risk; carefullness in what one says or does
rankle to cause continuing irritation or anger.
rebuke to criitcize strongly; to reprimaned
rebuke 2 a sharp criticism
serene calm and untroubled; peaceful
serenity a calm untroubled state.
slovenly untidy; carelessly done.
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