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Unit 2 Vocab

Fill in the blank

After the care flipped over on the interstate, and she crawled out the women Andrea and her friends walked away from the accident largely _______________. homicide, unscathed
After the interview with the reporter, the voters could tell the politician was not being _______________ with his answers. transparent, hinder
In Lin Manuel's Hamilton, after the ___________ of Alexander, his wife Eliza opened an orphanage in memory of him hazard, homicide
Currently, the entire world is living through a ________ the likes of which we have not seen since the 1900's. regime, plague
Though blind, Helen Keller did not allow that to ___________ her from learning. hinder, catering
Although tempted by her friends, Reagan could not be ___________ ; she would not eat ice cream. dissuaded, plague
The students ____________ to completing homework may be due to lack of motivation. hazard, indifference
After being called for pass interference, Marshon Lattimore became ___________ with the refs. indignant, transparent
Due the pandemic, the ___________ way of celebrating Mardi Gras is not possible. customary, mutual
She was having a party so she asked Nosh to ___________ . cater, regime
Their mothers warned them that trying to beat a train was not safe; it is a __________________ hazard, lubricate
The girls aspired to be a (n) _____________ so they opened a lemonade stand on the weekends. entrepreneurs, regime
After several successful months of advertising her cleaning services, Coco was not ____________ for months available, customary
Nancy's skin was dry; she was advised by her doctor to keep it __________ hinder, lubricated
Even though he was nervous during the interview, he remained ___________. poised, unscathed
Briana proved to be ____________ after she organized my closet indispensable; indifferent
He was a rare breed-an academically minded young man turned ____________. firebrand, hazards
The kids _________ their neighbors with snow as they backed out the driveway. poised, pelted
The general brought in a new ________ to help with the mission overseas. indignant, regime
Created by: Sugarrey1
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