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Capítulo 3_La vida

Capítulo 3_Reciprocal verbs

besarse to kiss each another
llamarse to call each other / to call oneself
hablarse to speak to each other
mirarse to look at each other
verse to see each other
ayudarse to help each another
comunicarse to communicate with one another
decirse to tell each other
abrazarse to hug each other
enamorarse to fall in love with each other
casarse to marry each other
comprometerse to be engaged to each other
separarse to separate from each other
divorciarse to get divorced from each other
contradecirse to contradict each other
Los novios se besaron mucho durante la recepción después de la boda. The wedding couple kissed each other a lot during the reception after the wedding.
La pareja se contradecía cuando hablaban de los planes para la boda. The couple contradicted each other when they spoke about plans for the wedding.
Ellos se enamoraron en una noche. The fell in love in one night.
Ellas siempre se decían la verdad. The always told each other the truth.
Nosotros nos veíamos mucho antes de la pandemia. We saw each other a lot before the pandemic.
Nosotras nos miramos y nos miramos, pero decidimos no decir nada. We looked at each other and looked at each other, but we decided not to say anything (nothing in Spanish here - double negative is used in Spanish).
Ellos se casaron ayer. They got married yesterday.
Ellos se separaron el mes pasado. They got separated last month.
Nosotros nos divorciamos el año pasado. We got divorced last year.
Ellas no se hablan. The do not speak to each other.
Ellos se comunican mucho. They communicate with each other a lot.
Los amigos se abrazaron. The friends hugged each other.
Los jugadores del equipo se abrazaron. The team players hugged each other.
Nosotros nos ayudamos mucho . We help each other a lot.
Can you omit the nosotros, ellos, ustedes, ellas or nosotras and only have the nos or se plus verb for reciprocal actions? Yes, you can omit the nosotros, ellos, ustedes, ellas or nosotras and only use the nos or se for reciprocal actions - it´s like always, you can omit the personal pronoun with any verb conjugation.
Ustedes se llaman por teléfono todas las noche, ¿verdad? You all call each other every night, don´t you?
Veo que ustedes nunca se comunican por texto. I see that you all never communicate with each other by text.
Ustedes se veían frecuentemente antes. You all used to see each other frequently before.
Ustedes se contradicen. You all are contradicting each other.
¿Ustedes se casaron ya? You all got married already?
Ustedes siempre se ayudan mucho. You all always help each other a lot.
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