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Lesson 4


audible adj. heard or able to be heard. The volume was so low that the music was barely audible.
audience n. a group of people who gather together to listen to or watch something; the people who watch, read or listen to something. The audience cheered and shouted, demanding an encore from the performer.
audio adj. of or relating to sound that is heard on a recording or broadcast. Our teacher played an audio recording of several famous historical speeches.
audition n. a short performance to show the talents of someone(such as and actor or musician). Auditions for the talent show will be held after school on Wednesday.
auditorium n. a large room or building where people gather to hear a speech or watch a performance. A performance of Romeo and Juliet will be held in the auditorium.
antidote n. a substance the stop the harmful effects of a poison; something that corrects or improves the bad effects of something. The antidote must be administered within minutes of a snake bite.
antisocial adj, violent or harmful to people; not friendly to other people, Jessica is very shy, but many people assume she's antisocial.
antipathy n. a strong feeling of dislike. There is a mutual antipathy between the two of us.
antiseptic n. a substance that prevents infection in a wound by killing bacteria. The father applied antiseptic to the toddler's knee scrape.
antibody n. a substance produced by the body to fight disease. A flu shot contains antibodies that fight the flu virus.
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