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Ch14 Instrumentation

RT 191A Week 02 Ch: 14 Instrumentation

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. True or False? TRUE
The benefits of using DICOM does not include privacy protection of patient information. True or False? FALSE
Select all that appply: Low field are advantageous because: A. Allows faster scan times B. Requires cooling C. Low operating costs d. Better for claustrophobic patients. C & D. Low field magnets are advantageous becausae they have low operating costs, and are better for claustrophobic patients.
Which of the following requires a cryostat? A. superconductive magnet B. low field magnet C. permanent magnet D. electromagnet scanners A. Superconductive magnet
A magnetic field strength of 1.5 Tesla equals roughly to __________ Gauss. A. 1,500 B. 0.65 C.150 D.15,000 D. 15,00 Gauss = 1.5T
Which of the following scanner types have a magnetic field that is always present? A. permanent magnet B. Superconductive magnet C. electromagnet A. Permanent magnet
Which of the following scanner types requires a very stable scan room temperature and has low maintenance costs? A. electromagnet scanners B. superconductive magnet C. permanent magnet C. Permanent magnet
Which of the following scanner types can be unplugged? A. electromagnet scanners B. permanent magnet C. super conductive magnet A. Electromagnet
Which of the following scanner types has a limited field strength because the field strength is limited to how much electricity can flow through a wire? A. electromagnet scanners B. permanent magnet C. superconductive magnet A. Electromagnet
Which of the following scanner types is the loudest? A. electromagnet scanners B. permanent magnet C. superconductive magnet C. Superconductive magnet
Which of the following scanner types requires helium to cool the magnet? A. permanent magnet B. superconductive magnet C. electromagnet scanners B. Superconductive magnet
rue or False: Magnetic field homogeneity is required to increase the speed of the scan. FALSE
The amount of inhomogeneity acceptable for a magnetic field in MRI is: A. 4 PPM B. 3.5 PPM C. 2.5 PPM D. 5 PPM B. 3.5 ppm
The process of installing metal plates within the walls of the MRI scanner to homogenize the magnetic field is called: A. passive shielding B. active shimming C.passive shimming D. active shielding C. Passive shimming
An MRI Technologist can perform which type of shimming? A. active B. passive A. Active
Gradient coils manipulate B0: A. linearly B. negatively C. exponentially D. positively A. Linearly
How many gradient coils does an MRI scanner contain? A. 2 B. 3 C. 1 D. 4 B.3
Gradient coils generate a magnetic field called a(n): A. RF field B. gradient field C. static field D. linear field B. Gradient field
Gradient rise time indicates: A. time taken to physically raise the gradients B. time taken to reach 100% strength C. reach max gradient strength D. time taken to change the main magnetic field linearly D. time taken to change the main magnetic field linearly
Select all that apply... An RF pulse does which of the following tasks: A. prevents claustrophobia B. puts hydrogens into the same phase C. puts hydrogens into the same frequency D. excites hydrogen atoms B, C & D: B. puts hydrogens into the same phase, puts hydrogens into the same frequency, excites hydrogen atoms
True, or False: An RT transmitter coil transmits an RF pulse into the patient. TRUE
True or False: A receiver coil can be built into the scanner bore wall. FALSE
Created by: scbobbyhopkins
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