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Chapter 1

IDS Critical Analysis

Genre A type or sort of literature characterized by similarities in from, style, or subject matter. (newspaper, poetry, online forum)
Objective The goal of what you can accomplish by the end of the reading.
Prior Knowledge Information and educational context that you already have before learning new information.
Criteria A principle or standard by which something is judge or decided.
Annotation A note, explanation, or comment made to a certain part of a text.
Misconception A view or opinion that is incorrect based on faulty thinking or understanding.
Predictive Reading Using information from a text and their own personal experiences of what they are going to read.
Close Reading Careful interpretation of a brief passage of a text.
Familiarize Make something better known or more easily grasped.
Context The parts of something written or spoken that follow the word or passage to clarify the meaning.
Syllabus A course "contract" that spells out requirements, schedule etc.
Degree Evaluation An analysis of completed course work to confirm success.
Default To not meet obligations, especially financial ones.
Developmental Courses designed to support students skills deficiencies.
Pre-requisite A course that must be completed before another.
Accommodation Adjustments made to help students with special needs.
Disqualified Not approved for.
Commencement Ceremony at the end of one's studies, start of next phase.
Certificate A document that proves successful program completion.
Transcript A document showing completed course credits and grades.
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