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Core7 LEAP4

Ch 1 vocab

adjust to adapt or gradually change to suit a new situation (verb)
aggregate the total combined of something (adjective)
baby boomers people born after WWII, approximately from 1946-1965 (mid-1940s~mid-1960s) (noun-pl)
categories classifications, groupings (noun-pl.)
constituting consisting of, making up parts of a whole (present participle/verb)
exceed to be more than or go beyond the limit or expectation (verb)
heterogeneity a state of being different or containing differences and variety (noun)
incidence the amount, degree, or rate something occurs (how often it happens) (noun)
interpret to understand, make sense of, explain something (verb)
norms accepted standards, commonly agreed upon rules or the usual way of doing things in society or education (noun-pl)
policies official rules or ways of doing something, usually made by a government or organization that must be followed (noun-plural)
priority something of high importance that must be given time or attention immediately (noun)
projected predicted, expected, speculated in advance (adjective)
recession an economic period when business is slow and unemployment is high; not as bad as a depression (noun)
stable when things are mostly unchanged and remain the same (adjective)
trajectory the future path or projected direction of something (noun)
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