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Free word 27


Bog Pantano/ Ciénaga (swamp)
Ruthless Despiadado/ Implacable/ Inflexible (without mercy)
Mercy Misericordia/Piedad/ Consideración
Puny (pronunc. piuny) Enclenque/ Flaco (person: weak, thin)
Limb Extremidad/ Miembro (person, animal: arm, leg)
Lessen Disminuir/ Decrecer/ Menguar (decrease)
Gulp Tragar saliva (make swallowing noise) // Trago/ Tragar/ Engullir (food, drink: swallow)
Dread (pronunc. dred) Temor/ Pavor/ Terror (fear)
Dodge (sth/sb) Esquivar a/ Evitar a/ Esquivar/ Evitar (avoid: physically)
Shin Espinilla (body part)
Obey (sb/ sth) Obedecer/ Obedecer a (do as told by)
Anthill/ Ant hill Hormiguero (mound of earth left by ants)
Cunning Ingenioso/ Astuto/ Listo (smart, clever)
Exceedingly Extremadamente/ Sumamente (extremely)
Wary (pronunc. wery) Precavido/ Cauteloso (not trusting)
Ambush Emboscada (surprise attack)
Treason (pronunc. treeson) Traición
Fig Higo/ Breva (fruit)
Tide Marea/ Corriente (ocean current)
Livelihood Sustento (financial support, living)
Surge (pronunc. serch) Ola (sudden rush) [A surge of people headed for the stadium exit as soon as the game was over.]// Ola/ Aumento [Ha habido una ola de crímenes en el último año.]
Dashing Elegante/ Galante/ Apuesto (man: stylish, suave)
In vain En vano (pointlessly, for nothing)
Gunwale Borda (gun-mount on a ship)
Merriment Alegría/ Júbilo (rejoicing, celebration)
Petting Caricias (kissing and cuddling or stroking: an animal)
Stag Ciervo/ Venado (adult male deer)
Bouquet (pronunc. bukey) Ramo (flowers: bunch)
Glimpse (sth/ sb) Entrever/ Vistazo (see briefly)
Beforehand De antemano/ Con antelación (previously)