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New GRE Words

Diluvial Pertaining to the biblical flood
Indigent Poor
Impecunious Without money (pecu-cow; cow=money)
Pellucid Clarity of thought
Perspicuous Clarity of presentation
Affable A person who is friendly/congenial
Magesterial Authoritative
Stymied Thwarted
Galvanized To rally/strengthen
Diffidence Lack of confidence
Lackey Low-level followers
Interloping Intruding
Resplendence Brilliance
Woodenness Awkwardness or stiffness
Deportment Behavior
Dogma A set of beliefs
Credence Credability
Vehemence Intensity
Abhorrent Causing repulsion
Debonair Stylish
Disconsolate Inconsolably sad
Lachrymose Tearful
Nonplussed Baffled or perplexed
Maudlin Sentimental
Assuaged Soothed
Convivial Friendly
Galled Irritated
Irascible Irritable
Spurious Inauthentic or erroneous
Droll Amusing
Salacious Lustful or erotically suggestive
Lecherous Lustful or erotically suggestive
Obdurate Stubborn
Abstruse Obscure
Impugn Challenge
Acquiesced take responsibility
Alacrity Speed
Dour Sullen
Nascent Emerging
Prescient Having foreknowledge
Indefatigable Pursuing tirelessly
Niggardly Stingy
Repudiated Refused to accept
Sallow Unhealthy
Rubicund Having a reddish hue
Bronzed Tan
Copse A group of trees
Myopic Narrow minded/nearsighted
Pliant Adaptable
Pedantic A person who shows off what they know
Perfunctory Done in a routine or indifferent way
Timorous Showing Nervousness
Nonpareil Unrivaled
Convalescent Recovering
Acquiescent Submissive or Agreeing
Coterie A tightly bound group of people working for a common goal
Largesse Generosity with finances
Celerity Rapidity in motion or action
Sycophants Flatterers; people who feign friendship and aid to achieve their own purposes
Recidivists People who return to bad behavior
Denigration Defamation or Strong cristicism
Approbation Commendation or Praise
Transient Temporary
Fallacious Wrong
Plebian Working Class
Carping Inclined to criticism
Prevaricator "One who fabricates or deceives"
Philanderer "One who carries on flirtations"
Remonstrator "One who rebukes"
Machiavellian Cunning, devious and ruthless
Faustian Done for present gain without regard to future cost or consequences
Herculean Of extraordinary power or intensity
Surreptitiously Sneakily or without being seen
Profligately Wastefully or extravagantly
Recriminations Accussations
Reparations making amends for a wrong
Acrimony Anger and bitterness
Exonerated Relieved of responsibility
Emended correcting errors in a written docment
Sagacious Wise
Transient Passing through with a brief stop
Reify To treat something as if it had material existence
Exculpate To pardon or clear from blame
Effectuated Cause something
Abrogate To abolish
Obviate Suggest something that has not yet happened
Extolled To highly praise
Abstruse/Esoteric Difficult to understand
Pedagogical Instructive
Winsome Charming or appealing
Cagey Cautious or noncommittal
Rancorous Referring to bitter sentiments
Brusque Gruff or blunt
Mawkish Overly Sentimental
Sanguine Confident or optimistic
Cloying Overly sweet
Byzantine Devious and complex
Neoteric Fresh, new or original
Obsolescent No longer useful because of how old it is
Diffident Lacking confidence
Curmudgeonly Cranky
Lassitude Weariness
Clemency Mercy
Obstinacy Stubbornness
Reticence Hesitation
Malaise A feeling of illness or weakness
Sufeit Excess
Cynicism A distrust of human nature
Propinquity Nearness
Ubiquity The quality of being everywhere
Propitious Favorable
Prolix Excessively wordy
Ulterior Concealed or unsaid
Categorical Absolute, without exception
Heterodox Unorthodox
Culled Selected a few from among many
Attenuate Lessen or weaken
Acceding Agreeing or approving
Tyro Beginner or initiate
Absconded Left in secret
Pusillanimous Cowardly
Plaintive Sad
Impetuousness Impulsiveness
Jounced Bounced down
Ethereal Celestial
Slipshod Careless
Prortean Changing
Permutation An ordered arrangement
Esoteric Cryptic
Ambient in the surrounding area
Incorrigible Unable to be corrected; unruly
Garrulous Talkative
Intransigent Uncompromising
Antithesis An exact opposite
Maverick Non-conformist
Bane Something that causes distress ir destruction
Commodious Expansive or capacious
Grandiloquent Extravagant or pompous speech
Extirpate To surgically remove
Obstreperous Unruly and noisy
Concomitant Happening at the same time
Chimerical Imaginary
Created by: Sejsarah
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