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Blair's Test

"DMS" Outsiders Test A

numbly without feeling Ponyboy walked ____ home after the death of Johnny because he did not know how to feel as he seemed to feel nothing.
aimlessly without direction, wandering Dally ___ wandered the streets looking after leaving the hospital because he did not know where to go.
debating arguing, disputing, or discussing The brothers were ____ whether or not to let Ponyboy be in the rumble.
clenching closing tight (as with your hand when you make a fist) _____ his fist, Dally slammed it into the door as he left the hospital.
grimacing twisting of the face (possibly because you are in agony) Johnny's _____ face showed that he was in a lot of pain.
miniature small replica (small copy for ex. a small model of a building that will be built) The boy built a small ____ model of a Model T car.
reformatory prison or school for lawbreakers Dally spent several years in a ____ school because he broke the law so much.
superiority feeling like you are better than someone else The Socs' _____ made the Greasers angry because they felt belittled by the Socs.
acrobatics gymnastic feats (cartwheels, rolls, headstands) The Greasers left the house doing ____ over the porch rails and across the lawn.
environment surroundings (nature, where you live, etc.)surroundings The countryside was a peaceful ____ for the Johnny and Ponyboy but Ponyboy still missed home.
underpriviledged without opportunity (possible poor/without money for needs) The Greasers seemed to be the ____ group that had little opportunities in comparision to the Socs.
stifled hold back, keep from happening (as in a sneeze that you try to hold back) When Sodapop was teasing the cops, everyone else _____ the desire to burst into laughter.
leery unsure or afraid Johnny was ____ of any Socs because he had been beat up before.
contempt disdain, dislike, disrespect Dally had complete ____ for the law and did as he pleased.
disgusted filled with displeasure, not happy about The girls were ____ by Dally's behavior at the movies, so Johnny tried to get him to stop bothering them.
static still, stationary, motionless As the sun rose, there was a ___ moment where every thing was still and golden.
agony pain The burns caused Johnny a lot of ____.
Created by: tubbsdk